Saturday, June 22, 2019

Tchaikovsky competition & Underwood Classes

Dear Flutelovers,

The Tchaikovsky Competition just completed, with online broadcasts of all the woodwinds available in video replay.
I read on one of the flute groups:

"Of those who played yesterday, the Venezuelan Joidy Blanco, 27, was outstanding."

Hear Joidy's first round here: Joidy Blanco's First Round in Replay
Hear her semi-final round here: Joidy Blanco's Full Semi-Final Programme
Joidy's FINAL round here: Joidy Blanco's Final Programme

I listened to several first rounds, and in this player I hear PURE musicality and emotion which basically caused me to ignore the other competitors, and only listen to Blanco. Every phrase of the Bach unaccompanied Sonata in A minor is sung with sense of what it is saying and the joy and tumble of  the thoughts of the composer. The other competitors.....not so much. But hey, it's a huge stress being in such a competition. But what courage this Blanco has! Lovely! She goes from strength to strength. Check it out. This lovely player made it to second place overall, and the winner's Final round is here: Matvey Demin.

See more flute video replays for this competition: all woodwind Replays

Other insanely EXCELLENT flute stuff:

 Keith Underwood's Flute Classes at Lesson Face are amazingly fantastico!

Have a look at the index of the classes given from the past three years.

I purchased a whole year's worth of Underwood classes and watched them all ( I chose: 2016-2017).

Keith's teaching is the most insightful ever in the history of the flute, and I'm not exaggerating.
Highly recommended. You won't believe just how fantastic until you see them for yourself.

(I'm not related to this business in any way, I'm just a huge fan.)

I've previously recommended his "spit buzzing 101" (see previous blog post.) and since the newer classes have no preview, and you just have to take it on flutey look at the blog links to spit buzzing at Ghost Valley Ranch, to get an idea at the neuro-flutistic/linguistic-mouthistic programming.
 Such a boon to know these quick fixes! ( Ex: Spit buzzing pulls your upper lip down so it hangs just a few millimeters below your front teeth. When you stop buzzing and play the flute, you suddenly have incredible control over pulling your upper lip down to form a better tone quality. Only takes a few minutes to learn, and brings your embouchure back after a gap in practicing.)

If you are an intermediate to very advanced flutist already, and want to improve quickly or revive your flute-playing, partake of these previously filmed classes, instead of travelling to a big flute convention or fair. It will cost the same (or far less!) than a flute-day, or say, 2-3 basic flute lessons, but you will stay home with your flute out and ready, the pause button at your fingertips, innumerable lifetime of replays of any of the videos,  and learn more quickly and be more inspired at your flutey progress than ever.
Totally worth it! An 11/10 rating from moi! :>)

 Keith Underwood's Flute Classes at Lesson Face  videos available in packages.

Only the best for my readers!

He also has individual lessons online for those who really need specific help:
Keith Underwood private lessons online.

Keith is very adept at teaching woodwind multi-instrumentalists/doublers too, for those who specialize in that.

Comment using the comment button if you have questions for me.
Summer is here!! Ask away. Your comment will appear after a short approval-delay.

Best, Jen

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Prague Flute Competition 2019

Dear Flutelovers,

The Prague Flute Competition finals from today:

Finals: part1, part 2

Repertoire list

1. Anton Reicha Quartet for Flute, Violin, Viola and Violoncello No. 3 in G major Op. 98 Musica Antiqua Bohemica Editio Praga

In collaboration with Bennewitz Quartet

2. A work of the candidate´s choice (MEMORIZED)

a) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G major KV 313 Urtext Bärenreiter

b) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D major KV 314 Urtext Bärenreiter

c) Vilém Blodek Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D major
Previously performed (not recorded):

Preliminary Round
1. Jindřich Feld Quatre pièces for Flute solo – 1st (Meditation) and 4th (Burlesca) movement Alphonse Leduc

2. Johann Sebastian Bach Sonata in E major BWV 1035 – 1st (Adagio ma non tanto) and 2nd (Allegro) movement Urtext type of  Bärenreiter, Breitkopf, Henle etc.
Round I
1. Erwin Schulhoff Sonata for Flute and Piano

2. Georg Philipp Telemann 12 Fantasias for Solo Flute – one of the Fantasias of candidate´s choice Urtext type of  Bärenreiter, Breitkopf, Henle etc. (MEMORIZED)
Round II
1. A work of the candidate´s choice

a) Bohuslav Martinů Sonata for Flute and Piano H 306

b) Jan Novák Sonata Super „Hoson Zes“ for Flute and Piano Bärenreiter

c) Carl Reinecke Sonata “Undine“ for Flute and Piano Op. 167

2. Gabriel Fauré Fantasie for Flute and Piano Op. 79

3. Johann Sebastian Bach One of the following sonatas Urtext type of  Bärenreiter, Breitkopf, Henle etc.

a) Sonata in E flat major BWV 1031

b) Sonata in C major BWV 1033

4. Jaroslav Pelikán Composition commissioned for the IMC Prague Spring 2019

Comments welcome. Best, Jen

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Nathan Cole's Excellent Teaching

Dear Flute-lovers,

Nerds of all flute practice tricks unite!   :>D    Ha ha!

Unite your tiny nerdy flute-selves and head over to the excellent Nathan Cole Violin Facebook page and/or Natesviolin signup to see some amazing expert musical teaching on video! (insider's secrets of practicing that are massively applicable to the flute.) (!)

Note: you don't have to be a member of Facebook to see these videos or visit these sites; just say "Not now." if a pop-up asks you to sign-in; all is public and free. Click on the word VIDEO on the left hand column when you arrive if you are viewing live on Facebook:

Nathan Cole is a GREAT violin communicator! And he plays extensively with orchestra, so he's covering all of that finesse and knowledge, and more. I am feeling total expert musical/teaching corroboration and learning so so so much from watching his free, three-video violin "how to practice to improve" video interactive-intensive.

 Almost ALL of it applies to flute, you'll see immediately.

First Day of the live broadcast (May 6th 2019) was "Practice Mindset", Second day (today) was "Etudes/Exercises for Violin and how they relate to the repertoire", and Day Three is tomorrow (May 8th) where he goes into detail about "How to break things down in your practicing, in order to have fantastic, successful practicing."

Really worth viewing. Seriously. You will just know excellence when you see and hear it.

You can sign up for this particular three day live Facebook broadcast here(free) in order to get reminder emails and replay link newsletter type reminders of videos:

After you sign up all the teaching videos are available in replay even if you didn't see it live.
You are emailed a link to view them. So go for it.

Nathan Cole also has a blog of interest, and a GREAT podcast.
Check these resources out. This is how we need to teach the flute.
It's all so obvious what good communication about music is, once you see it done well.

Enjoy and comments welcome,
(I am no relation to this violin teacher and his excellent work, btw...although he was raised by fluteplayers. It's just a must see no matter what your instrument. )

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nielsen Competition Finals

Dear Flutelovers,

Although Round 2 films are still not on replay, but will be eventually, (Still not online yet! April 28th, 2019) The Finals of the Nielsen are online to view Rounds 1 and 3.

Here are the three films of the finalists:

Comments welcome!

Semi-Finals (Four CPE Bach's and a Vivaldi) and the missing (and very exciting!) Second Round will appear at the link below:

See all rounds:

Best, Jen

Sunday, March 24, 2019

First Two Rounds Nielsen Watch Videos

Dear Flute Lovers,

Run don't walk oh excellent flute-lovers.
Here's the first round of this year's Nielsen competiton.
Love the Dutilleux Sonatine and the gorgeous close-up HD camera work.
Check it out; we all learn so MUCH!
Here is the link to all the videos:

Comments welcome, just use the comment button below. You can even link to the performance you're talking about! (For example: I just noticed thumbport and lefthand friction-grip, just like me, with this incredibly musical 18 yr old fluteplayer.)

Update Round 2: Sadly these films are still not online by April 28th 2019. Doh!
I had watched the Round 2 with "own compositions" based on flute solo literature LIVE, when the competition was on.
It was super fascinating. See below in the repertoire list for Round 2: "Playing around Nielsen" for how the flute-alone pieces were composed.
Note: Round 2 Replay films not on website for four weeks!
Calendar says "Replays coming soon" for round 2.
Update to Round 3 Wednesday March 27th:
Here are the 6 flutists chosen to advance to the semi final round of the Carl Nielsen Competition in Odense, Denmark. (thanks to Dianne Winsor for daily updates!)

Live streaming of the flutes resumes on 27 March, 2019

Rafael Adobas, 21, Spain
Matvey Demin, 25, Russia
Livia Duteba, 29, Hungary
Marley Eder, 27, USA
Josephine Olech, 24, France
Marianna Zolnacz, 19, Poland

Watch all films here in replay.

Also, really enjoyed this from their blog: Win Before Playing. Quote:

Rune Most, one of the distinguished judges on the Nielsen Flute panel, expressed this morning that judges often know who the winners are the moment they arrive on stage, before they’ve played a note. 
And that’s not because of the bios competitors supply with their applications, but because of the energy that arrives with the player. 

If true music is between the notes, as Mozart claimed, then spirit is before and around them. This energy, communicating differently in individual competitors, was particularly apparent in the candidates that progress to the next round as announced this evening. 

The confidence of authenticity and genuine discovery was obvious in the warm smiles of genuine enjoyment that passed between Joséphine Olech and her collaborative pianist Seung Won Lee; in the fluid physicality of Marianna Julia Żołnacz, in the edgy, controlled excitement of Rafael Adobas Bayog and the contained delicacy of Livia Duleba.  Notably strong ensemble work has been consistent in this two day first round. 

==========end quote

Most incredible energy for own composition (super inventive!) see this Bavog performance for flute alone of Nielsen Playing Around.


Pre-selection; To be recorded as video and uploaded before applications close 15 October 2018

Mozart, Amadeus Wolfgang: Flute Concerto in G, KV 313 – 1st movement until measure 149 and 2nd movement until measure 37, both with cadenzas; with piano accompaniment
Andersen, Joachim: 24 Etudes for Flute, Op. 15 – No. 3. in G major
Nielsen, Carl: Flute Concerto, FS 119, 1st movement – Cadenza, bar measure 146; without accompaniment

1st Round (24 players), with piano accompaniment
Put together a program based on the choices below. Maximum performance time 30 minutes

Thomas Larcher: New piece commissioned for the competition for flute and piano, to be announced later. Approx. 5 min.

from memory;
Sancan, Pierre: Sonatine
or Dutilleux, Henri: Sonatine
or Gaubert, Philippe: Ballade

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Play one sonata from the Organ Sonatas (for trio), arranged for flute and piano by W. and G. Kirchner-Bärenreiter Verlag. In consideration of the maximum performance time, feel free to omit repeats in the Bach sonatas.
Choose between:
    BWV 525
or BWV 526
or BWV 529
or BWV 530

2nd Round (12 players), with piano accompaniment
Put together a program based on the choices below. Maximum performance time 30 minutes

Choose between the following works – and please note, you may reduce the length of a work by omitting repeats:

Lowell Lieberman: Sonata for Flute and Piano Op. 23
or Carl Reinecke: Sonata “Undine” Op. 167
or Joachim Andersen: Concertstück Op. 3 E-major
or Charles-Marie Widor: Suite Op. 34
or Franz Schubert: Introduction and variations D. 802. Repeat the sections in the A part and no repeats in the B part.
or Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Sinfonische Kanzone op. 114

Be creative! Create your personal collage by
Create and perform a 10-15 minutes collage for flute alone, and include the following points:
Your collage must consist of flute solo pieces from 1700 to 2018 in free musical dialogue and exchange with excerpts of music by Carl Nielsen – i.e. Nielsen’s solo flute piece “The Children are Playing” or excerpts of other Nielsen compositions (i.e. solos, phrases, cadenzas from the concerto, from the quintet, themes from symphonies, etc).
Feel free to include solo pieces from the entire flute repertoire but keep an emphasis on flute music from the late 20th and 21st century – e.g. Berio / Takemitsu / Ferneyhough / Pintscher. Creative new arrangements with excerpts of compositions are possible, but also entire works may be played.
The goal is to show a variety of sounds, colors and expressions of the flute instrument.
You will be asked to provide the music of your PLAYING AROUND NIELSEN for the jury prior to the competition.

Example for better understanding: Be as creative as possible by watching the time-proportions of your collage: Have at least 51% of contemporary music, about 10-20% of Nielsen’s music and the rest of any other style.

3rd Round (6 players), with chamber accompaniment, performed without conductor

Choose between the following:
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Flute Concerto in D minor, 484.1, Wq 22
or Benda, Franz: Flute Concerto in E minor L 2.4
or 3 concertos by Vivaldi, Antonio:
No. 1 in F major, La tempesta di mare
No. 2 in G minor, RV 439, La notte
No. 3 in D major, RV 428, Il gardellino

Finale (3 finalists), with orchestra, performed from memory

Mozart, Amadeus Wolfgang: Flute Concerto in G, KV 313 – 2nd and 3rd movements
Nielsen, Carl: Flute Concerto, FS 119

Live Streamed
____________end list

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lorna McGhee teaches Daphnis

One of my absolute favourite players and teachers. Lorna McGhee teaches the Orchestral Excerpt "Daphnis et Chloe" (video

The sheetmusic (click to enlarge).

Thanks to my dear friend who sent me the link; so helpful.

Previous posts on Lorna McGhee

Masterclass videos- Teaching students

Teaching Orchestral Excerpts; Beethoven - Prokofiev

Comments welcome!
Best, Jen

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Robert Dick on Breathing

Dear Flute-lovers,

A good, new Robert Dick video on Breathing for Flutists!
Robert Dick on Preparing to Breathe (video)
Best idea: Mark an asterisk before your breath mark! The asterisk reminds you to prepare to breathe.

This is so smart and simple and easy to understand.

More ideas about breathing here: Teaching Breathing Easily

Best, Jen