Thursday, January 05, 2006

Getting a professional sounding flute TONE

I am 13 years old and am in my 2nd year of Jr. High Band. My instructor told me that 90% of getting a mature/professional flute tone is based on knowing what is sounds like. Do you have any techniques/scales/exercises/recordings on developing a professional flute tone or what it sounds like?

Jen's answer:
Hi there! :>)
If you go to your nearest classical music CD store, there is a $6 Cd by the NAXOS label, called "Dance of the Blessed Spirits" for flute and harp. It features gorgeous standard solo repertoire with flutist Nora Shulman, and a very audible and clear professional flute tone quality.
Listen to this (or other flute CDs)to become familiar with the flute's tone qualities while you're buzzing around the house (sweeping the floor; doing the dishes; taking a break from your own tone warmups and exercises; etc.)

You can see more about this and other flute CDs at:

There are also quite a few online flute MP3s and the
like at:

For tone exercises and books with flute scale/daily exercises see:


Advanced books on flute techniques:

Inexpensive basic flute books:

Most of these flute workbooks and scale books can be ordered at or (U.S. or U.K. depending on your location) and you can
order flute CDs at these flute specialty shops, or listen online to CD excerpts at: and other online CD sales places.

If you need free scale sheets or free sheetmusic see:

Good questions you've asked today!!
Jen Cluff