Monday, July 10, 2006

Last gig of the season

Hello flute-blog readers! :>)

I finished my last big gig of the season, and have started "vacation". Thank heavens!
Our M'Orphaeus (pronounced Morpheus) Trio, of flute, violin and viola, performed for an outdoor summer festival in Comox, and had at least 100 audience members, and the chance for returning to their other music festivals; with lots of positive audience feedback.
The trick was, we stopped playing heavy classical numbers for this ensemble (Reger, Beethoven, Bach obscure BWVs that took hours of practice) and interwove celtic and authentic classical; what a SCORE!!!! :>D

The program was:

1. Si Beag Si Mor by O'Carolan
2. Haydn's Trio in Do Maggiore
3. Simple Gifts (orginally Lombardo's quartet, but morphed by me for string/flute trio)
4. Liebeslied by Fritz Kreisler
5. O'Carolan's The Wounded Hussar
6. Corelli's Sonata IV for Trio
1. The Heart is True & Yell Yell a set of slow/fast celtic
2. To a Wild Rose
3. Gavotte and Overture from Stravinsky's Pulcinella Suite
4. Sally Gardens & Mo Ghile Mear a fast/slow celtic set
5. Mozart's Divertimento in sol maggiore

This turned out to be the perfect program for a summer's day, and we love the celtic interspersals between the dance-like classicals. So rich in sound!!!
We actually had reverb, a sound technician, and a lovely green venue around the stage.
Very successful.
Our next venture may well include voice (violinist and I are both soulful altos) and either harp or guitar (me on either) which will be interesting, if I can afford a celtic harp, and learn to play it quick enough.
So, looking forward to developing this trio of islanders for these shows.
Next year; folk festivals!!!

Happy sunny July days; tomatoes growing, flowers blooming indoors and out.
Jen :>)