Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Home for my Website

Here we are; first week of July.
Lots has been happening in the past few months, feel free to ask.... :>)
The main thing is that I've finally been able to have some free time to read (novels, flute books, idea books) and to get some rest from the relentless series of performances I've been in. How does Galway *do* it???
I know I never could do 300 performances a year.
Not when the repertoire is always completely different for each show, and one never gets a chance to really hone it (unlike pro-performers who have a list of repertoire they rotate; so at least they've played it before, and can polish it up from show to show.)
No, the life of an itinerant musician is that every week you have a completely different set of difficult music on the music stand, and you just have to learn it.
I don't know if this is as much fun as other dangerous sports, such as sky diving. ;>)

But the big news is that thanks to my friend Bob, I have a new website that actually has my name on it. is apparently much easier to remember when you're blamming along on the internet than my old site:

Wonder why that is?

But Bob put the work in, and now my whole silly site (Word frontpage express and all) is now at the new address, with no big changes.
And this blog is now attached (how cool!)
And I now have a zillion megabytes to put up photos, sound samples, and maybe even a few short flute-related videos.
So welcome to new readers, and keep in touch those of you with brilliant ideas such as brilliant Bob.

Did I mention how much help he is to me, as the doofus who can't understand computer methods?
Me the doofus. Bob the demi-god.
Thanks!! :>)

Jen on a rainy Saturday
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