Friday, March 30, 2007

Fluteloops Number Eight!! :>)

Dear Fluters,

Fellow flute player Raymond Robinson joined me on Fluteloops (mp3) (10 min.) to share his sound files of the Bigio Crowns and Stoppers and the Dyna Flute System.

Raymond made two recordings with nine sound samples on each. He played both High G and Low G, and selected the exact point in the recording at which he felt that each crown/stopper setup was being played in the same manner and the same volume and effort on the part of the player.
His full description of how he ran the test is here.
I thank him very much for sending along the accompanying sound graphs so that you can watch what each of the crown/stopper combinations look like while listening to their tone quality.

We spoke about the necessity for having your flute in top condition for tests such as these, and checking the quality and condition of your current cork and crown before beginning the test.
It's also a challenge to try and be as objective as possible when you're making sound files such as these, so that you can eliminate as much of the embouchure and air-speed variables as you can.
Raymond also made a helpful video that demonstrates correct stopper insertion tools and methods.
Fascinating stuff.

Listen to Fluteloops No. 8

Best, Jen :>)