Monday, August 18, 2008

Fletcher Flute Acoustics Article from 1974

Dear Flutists,

I'm amazed that I had never read Fletcher Flute Acoustics article before. So very interesting and written in 1974

Article: Some Acoustical Principles of the Flute, or "How the flute works and what professional flutists do to make it work." ( this is my own subtitle)

Download the PDF here.

It's easy to read (unlike most flute acoustic articles for our beloved mean over-oxygenated tube-blowing dudes. hahahaha! :>D)
and he includes the most interesting graphs and charts of measurements taken from professional flutists.

But what's most interesting is that not much new knowledge seems to have come to light SINCE 1974 when the above article was written.
That may mean that the assumptions and suppositions given may still be somewhat correct, despite constant waggling of opinion on the flute email lists. So do help yourselves to the the key points and see where they fit into our common flutey knowledge.

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