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Playalong Flute CDs & sheetmusic books with CD for flute

A flute student was looking for well recommended flute sheetmusic with backing CD or backing tracks that are downloadable.
Here's my latest list of recommended playalongs (not including music minus one series which are listed here.)

1. Dowani playalongs for flute:
Classic DOWANI playalong series for standard flute repertoire:
These are the three tempo playalong Dowani series for flute:
(choose easy-intermediate-advanced from the above link to see all Dowani titles.)
2. Downloadable accompaniments for standard flute repertoire (mp3 backing tracks, but not sheetmusic):

My Accompanist.com for flutists

Piano Accompaniments for flutists
3. Sheetmusic book plus accomp. CDs of for the ABRSM flute exams grades 1-8:

ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) - ABRSM Flute Exam 2004-2007 accompaniment CDs for flutists.

Classical/Modern repertoire sample book/CD:

Jazz Flute sample book/CD from ABRSM:

See or purchase above flute exam repertoire books with CD from www.justflutes.com
4. Sheetmusic books with playalong CD index of titles:

See Justflutes.com for Unaccompanied Flute Classic/Modern Repertoire with Playalong CD(scroll down):


See Justflutes.com for popular music albums with playalong CD:

5. Individual books of flute sheetmusic with CD recommended by Jen Cluff:

(very easy): Abracadabra Flute with CD by Pollock This contains easy folktunes and popular classics for the beginner or novice flutist.
(fairly easy): A New Tune a Day PERFORMANCE PIECES with CD for flute
Note: some accompaniments have annoying colour/instrumentation choices on the CD. Flute parts only (no piano parts)
(easy to novice/intermediate level)
Jessica Walsh/Allan Alexander Celtic/World/Renaissance music for flute and guitar
(Novice to Intermediate level)

The Flute Collection - 16 Pieces by 11 Composers
G. Schirmer. Inc.

NOTE: Very very good CD and sheetmusic choices.
(Novice to Intermediate level): Carolan's Concerto - Schott

NOTE: Great flute playing by Jennifer Stinton, but annoyingly no slur markings in sheetmusic. Must be marked by listening to soloist on CD.
(Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate)

Astor Piazzolla - Vuelvo al sur - 10 Tangos and other pieces published by Boosey and Hawkes
Note: Wonderful to have more Piazzolla. Piano parts printable from CD.
(Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate)
Chistopher Norton
Christopher Norton Concert Collection for Flute Volume 1
Note: A very Jazzy take on well-known classical and folk tunes.
--------------end list

Add your own recommended titles here....

I hope that flute students find good books and CDs for playalong at the above links. I also welcome suggestions from other flute teachers as to the best flute sheetmusic books that come with playalong CDs (classics, modern but not Disney books etc. Thanks.)
Jen Cluff
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Blogger DHEWiggins said...

My daughter has just started band this year. She taught herself much of the basics about a month before school started. Now, after this semester. her band teacher will be out for the remainder of the year on maternity leave. While my daughter will continue to work in her book, I am trying to find a book with a CD, or just the CD if that is all I can find, of the scales and arpeggios. She has set her goal to be in the All State Band, which of course one cannot be in without passing the scales. I thought the rest of this academic year would be a great time for her to work on her scales, but I know NOTHING about the flute (I am a trombonist), so I do not think I will be of any benefit to her outside of basic music concepts.

Do you know of any books with CDs that fit my criteria?

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:18:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

Hi Ms. Wiggins,

You want to know EXACTLY the All-State Band Scale format etc. So you'd be really smart to communicate with a US teacher in your state that teaches flute and knows exactly which CDs and which pieces and studies to learn. If you just "do it yourself" you may make it far more difficult than it really is. Do you not have private flute teachers where you live? Even five or six lessons from a trained professional who knows the correct way to assemble the flute, maintain the flute, breathe-stand-place the fingers, is better than nothing. I see many young flutists who are holding the flute wrongly and therefore can not play smoothly etc. So if you really care, a few pro-lessons are the way to go.
Best, Jen

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:28:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

Hi again, Ms Wiggins,

I must say that as a flute teacher for all these years, I still would never expect a flute beginner to teach themselves scales, as they are not particularly fun and working alone is not inspiring (that's probably why you're looking for scale backing tracks.)

The main thing is to learn exciting pieces of music. Alot of people think that "scales" are so important that they isolate them from music; and that's a giant mistake.
But since you asked:

Here are the US All state Band flute scales:

Middle School:


(Etudes often also on youtube being taught by pro-teachers such as Garrison)

Here is another example of an "All State Band"'s requirements (who knows which one is yours...)?:

If there were a CD or backing track for the above, it would likely be listed on their pages. Also try : www.fluteworld.com
They are a company in Michigan that knows all about US flute students. There's also www.flute4u.com in Texas. A phone call might help.

The UK do indeed CDs of this type for their exams, but their scale demands are different.

Here are typical graded scale requirements for flute for British flute exams:
UK system:
Flute Grade One starter pack (book):

Piano backing CD for scales:


No CD: but books of scales:

Flute grade 1-5 book scales arpeggios sightreading



Syllabus: showing graded pieces

Grade 1-8 UK exam system: Flute

pdf of syllabus - scales, pieces, eartests, sightreading etc:


Best, Jen

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:54:00 PM

Anonymous DHEWiggins said...

Thank you for replying to my inquiry. I apologize for not responding earlier, but I just today found that you replied!

I have all the requirements for the Alabama All-State Band auditions. That is certainly not the problem. As you stated, scales "are not particularly fun and working alone is not inspiring" and that IS why I was hoping to find a play-along CD. She is making progress independently, but I think she would make much more progress if she had a CD or some other instructional material aside from just the printed scales.

As for a professional tutor, we live in a very small, rural area, so private music teachers are less than even SCARCE! I, however, have been given the phone number of a person who plays regularly in a rather large church that may be interested in helping my daughter with the scales and other technical aspects of the flute.

Thank you for the links you provided. Perhaps I can find that will assist her in becoming a master flautist!


Tuesday, February 26, 2019 5:05:00 PM


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