Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Excellent Christmas Duet Book by Vance

Dear Blog-readers,

I interrupt my topic on technique to bring you a seasonal news flash:

A new book of Christmas duets for flute just arrived by mail today, and it is so FABULOUS, I had to sit down and write you all immediately.
Let me explain why I like this duet book so much:

First of all, it has a great cover and binding. (green and red; shiny and appropriate!)
The print is large and clear and the page turns have all been worked out. It's under $20.
The titles and graphics/notes are all lovely to see and read. It's a very well done publication!

Secondly the carols and pieces Howard and Beverly Vance have chosen are EXACTLY the ones I need/want for this time of year. I love Coventry Carol, and Carol of the Bells, for example, and HATE "Frosty the Snowman" and "Jingle Bell Rock". I'm SO classical/medieval/renaissance...so this collection is very erudite and fabulous in the choice of pieces.

Thirdly the arrangements are lovely,interesting, and unexpected without ever being less than beautiful.
The flute range is great for all novice-to-intermediate students and good for professional duos as well, (for performing at seasonal events).

And there is a bonus!
The last quarter of the thickish book is of solo flute-alone arrangements (with development!) of some of the carols, and they are fabulous!!.
I like the developed harmonies offered, and the length of the tunes.
Plus there are chord symbols for adding a third voice or guitar/piano.
Truly flexible: Excellent!

Finally, I ordered this book on the internet less than 10 days ago (I think) and it arrived in my mail box today, uncrushed, shining and new and totally on time for the holiday gigs.

Not to mention that previously I'd avoided Xmas duet books because every flute duo xmas carol book I've seen so far has been lame in some way (too high, too hard for students, too ugly and dry in harmony, or tunes chosen without delicacy.)

This new Xmas duet book will become the standard annual joy for my flute students and colleagues now!!!!

All the best and many many cheery thanks to Howard Vance and his wife for publishing this duet book (I've gone back to the website and ordered three other items now too).
And no, I'm not related to the company or the authors.
Just ravin' happy to get good new music for the holidays and those students who want to play Xmas tunes.


Jen Cluff

Book title and link:

"O Christmas Flute" 28 Duets and 11 Flute Alone Solos of your favorite Christmas Carols, chord symbols