Monday, April 19, 2010

Subtle blending of Pahud in St. Matthew's

Dear Flutists,

There is nothing more sublime than perfectly balanced woodwinds and singers in a big hall playing Bach's Passions. So you might just want to hurry on over to the Berlin Phil Digital Concert Hall to see this great live film clip of Pahud playing J.S. Bach's St. Matthew's Passion live from a concert on April 11th this month.
Subtle and sublime, just like J.S. himself. :>)

Notice how beautifully simple, the flute becomes blended with other distant woodwinds, but never competes with the Soprano. (mp3)

Press the play button here to listen:

To see the short film with clips the St. Matthew's Passion online, to to the Digital Concert Hall website here, then click on the right most of the three banners when you arrive that says NEW in the CONCERT ARCHIVE. (little arrows will take you to the latest teaser clips; in this case it's Simon Rattle and St. Matthew's Passion with novel staging.)

And here's the actual flute part for the Pahud film clip taken from the free online flute part. To make the music large enough to read, just click on the music-jpeg below, then use back button to return to this page.)

Wow. I just love being able to see these "almost live" films from the latest Berlin Phil concerts. With the sheetmusic online in pdf, you can even play along!
Such a delight this new technology.