Saturday, May 01, 2010

Some beauty just must be shared

Dear Flutists,

Although non-flutey, some beauty just must be shared:

The youtube virtual choir.

The full story on the making of the virtual choir is here.

Newest Choir video: Sleep

Sing along; really beautiful!
(good for your flutist's ear-training too! :>)



  1. This is excellent. We did an arrangement of "Lux Aurumque" last semester in my college wind ensemble. I thought the orchestration in that arrangement was beautiful, but to hear the vocal version - and from the YouTube Virtual Choir, no less - is captivating. It sounds like time suspended.

    Incidentally, I appreciate your blog very much. Summer vacation can be difficult practice-wise with no instructor to consult about new ideas, (though I do email her from time to time,) but it's nice to have something of an online teacher to put things in another perspective, or affirm that I am thinking about something correctly. Those alternate fingerings for the Prokofiev Sonata were a lifesaver!

  2. Thanks so much Meg! :>)
    I really appreciate hearing from you!

    Best, Jen

  3. Hi Jen, The last video is no longer there. Is the title of it: "Lux Aurumque"? Then I could try to look it up on youtube. Thanks, Susan Maclagan

  4. Sorry Sue, I cannot find it. (the last video is missing now).

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