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Flute Duets Grade 3-5

Dear Jen
I was wondering if you might have some nice flute duet suggestions that have music at about grade 3-5. When I look at some websites like Flute World I am overwhelmed trying to decide what might work. We have played several from Ricky Lombardo and the Voxman Selected Flute Duets - both volumes as well as: Album of Flute Duets edited by Louis Moyse and Telemann 6 Canonic Sonatas. In solo work I am working on Faure and Gluck.
I would like to try some classical from a bit more of the Romantic period but I am open to any ideas. I just think I would like some different composers from Mozart and Beethoven and Bach although I do love them.
Many thanks for your time. L.

Dear L,
Flute teachers too are always on the lookout for good duet books for this level, other than the excellent basic titles you already mentioned.

Here is the link to all the flute duet titles I've collected over the years of online searches with flute teacher's suggested titles. And I'd would love to know if readers have found any stellar titles too. (comment button below).

Here's a list of duets for two flutes to check out:

Standard Duet Titles:
Graded list of flute duets.
Just Flutes graded flute duets list.
( Note - an orange "thumbs up" symbol means "recommended repertoire". Grades are ABRSM grading, UK system.)

Celtic Duets:
Grade 3-6*: Celtic Duets - Jessica Walsh/Allen Alexander books:
See "How to make duets from these for 2 flutes with or w/o CD":

Other titles to check out at the sheetmusic stores: you'll have to actually look at these to know if they're suitable for your needs.

Classical/Romantic Duets: I don't own these books, but they are all typically good editors: Wye, McCaskill, Hunt etc.
Titles at flute world level 2:

Flute Duets (ed.McCaskill) (score form) Mel Bay Publications 2 04B21MB93932
Flute Duets (v.1) (ed.Wye) (score form) Chester Music 2 04C030055129
Flute Duets (v.2) (ed.Wye) (score form) Chester Music 2 04C030055157
Flute Duets (v.3) (ed.Wye) (score form) Chester Music 2 04C030055149
Flute Duets Old & New (bk1) (ed.Hunt) (sc) Hunt Edition 2 04H190000HE2
Flute Duets Old & New (bk2) (ed.Hunt) (sc) Hunt Edition 2 04H19000HE42
Romantic Hits(ed.Weinzierl&Wachter)(score form) Barenreiter 2 04B010008691
Two Flutes at the Opera(ed.Walker&Hunt)(sc) Pan Educational 2 04P13000PEM9

Also, I have this duet book and my adult students REALLY like it:

Wind Shir!...Jewish Flute Duets (ed.Vance) (2fl) (score form) Tootpick Publishing

FREE Flute Duets in pdf:

And for viewing online and trying out before printing:
Kummer Easy duets: grade 2-4*
Links to all free duets grade 4 to 8 that I found last year online.
Furstenau Duet grade 6+.
Mozart Duets: grade 4-6
Scarlatti Duets; grade 4-7.

Flute teachers, please feel free to use the comment button for more titles to recommend at the grade 3-5 level, or more sources for free duets. We always need lots for these grades! :>)

* above free duets use Royal Conservatory Grades for Flute.
Best, Jen
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Anonymous Moana Kutsche said...

How about the six great duets by W.F. Bach? They are a bit more advanced than the Telemann canonic sonatas and really fun! The Joplin duets you mentioned are great. Other than getting up into the stratosphere occasionally, I didn't find them to be all that tough (I think FluteWorld rates them at 2). My teacher had me sight-read some of them with him. I found the Mozart duets to be repetitive and less exciting, and unfortunately poorly edited. My two cents' worth from an adult student/player at about level 8 to 9 now, 5 to 6 when I learned these pieces.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 11:46:00 AM

Anonymous Moana Kutsche said...

Oh, and the Bach Invention duets are good fun too. Some more successfully adapted than others. They are familiar to most of us, which makes them fun to play. Range up to high A and down to the bottom B, but edited with alternative note suggestions you can use if necessary.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 11:50:00 AM

Blogger jen said...

Thanks Moana. Yes, I've got those WF Bach duets that strangely have to be stratospheric in range. Usually they're too taxing on the student. I wanted to find some well-tested, really GREAT duets to list here. It's tough.
So thanks for all the good suggestions. It does help trigger the memory of the reader; I welcome any and all suggestions for these lower grades. Thanks. Jen

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 1:15:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

And have you tried the Mozart duets that are free online?

They are re-written piano pieces; some are quite good for teaching rhythms and rests and getting practice in rhythm & blending/tuning. The Mozart duets in the Rubank Selected Flute Duets Vol 1, at the back are good too, but challenging for grade 5. Best, Jen

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 1:22:00 PM


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