Monday, October 03, 2011

Flute Pedagogy Notes

Dear Flutists,

There is a wealth of great flute pedagogical information going up on the internet which you might like to know about.


Flute Nodes Diagram

Firstly, above is a diagram of flute nodes for the three octaves (shown above - click on it to enlarge), created by Joe Butkevicius, master flute technician, who was answering the question:

"Why, when you overblow the harmonic series on the flute, is the fifth interval so much more difficult?

Well, the very kind Mr. Butkevicius has provided us all with an excellent diagram and made it freely available to all. Thank you Joe B!

And now for a veritable cornucopia of flute pedagogical materials:

NFA Convention Highlights and Handouts:

The National Flute Association has opened up its website to include all kinds of handouts and reports from past flute conventions. You are freely allowed to download as many handouts as you wish. (see below for links.)
These are great starting points for book lists, outlines for learning new skills as a teacher, and even include stretching exercises and teaching tips of all kinds. A huge thankyou to the NFA for making these resources free to the public!

NFA convention handouts:






NFA Repertoire Guide

And finally, many people write to me asking for repertoire and etudes and ask "What grade is that?"

Well, unfortunately I cannot possibly recommend pieces for each person who emails me. I have to meet and hear the student flutist to make recommendations, and even then, the student may wish to try out dozens of works, before choosing, with the help of their private teacher, the best next thing to work on. So much depends on what level they are at, what type of music they need to work on, or wish to work on, and which skills they are currently learning. Graded repertoire lists are useful, but a "best of" book is even more useful.

Well, to help us all out, the NFA has created a book that lists all the top-picks for Solo repertoire and Etudes that is easy to order, and very useful for all teachers and students. So go ahead and order your own copy. I truly believe that every flute teacher and student would benefit from owning their own $15 graded guide to flute music. It's a terrific resource for finding the basic materials that teams of teachers have all agreed are some of the most enduring and valuable.

National Flute Association's Graded repertoire & flute etude guide

Happy October everybody, and thanks to all those who email me with such lovely things to say about my site and publications.
There is HUGE news afoot here, with a new flute publication coming out at the end of October. You're going to be thrilled (as I am!). So stay tuned!

Best to all,
Jen :>)