Monday, October 03, 2011

Jazzy Dudes - Modes & 7th chord free pdfs

Dear Flutists with a jazzy beat,

To continue on with the series of scales and arpeggios from this month's morning scale class, here is an additional free 18 page pdf (288 kb) for you to download that features full extended range major scales for flute to B3, all the scale's modes by name (dorian and mixolydian are the most used in Jazz I do believe), followed by the super jazzy seventh chords used by our first year jazz flute majors at the University in which I teach.
Please help yourself.

Extended Major Scales, their Modes, and all jazzy 7th chords pdf.

These are the basic finger patterns for jazz improvisation, and I'd like to help out by providing them to students and teachers. To easily remember the mode's names try this little trick:

I Don't Play Like My Aunt Lucy.

The first letter of each word above reminds you that Ionian is the first mode, Dorian is the second, etc. (ha ha, that Aunt Lucy played le jazz hot! :>)

More free pdfs for your flute practice:

Jen's Easy to Read Flute Fingering Chart (pdf - 2 pages)

All free fingering charts and trill charts
Free Scale Booklets:

Part 4 - Creative scale practice - samples of variations for scales

Part 3 - Morning Scale Class (free pdf - III - Scales in Thirds)

Part 2 - Morning Scale Class (free pdf - II - Chords of all kinds)

Part 1 - Morning Scale Class (free pdf - I - Chromatics, Whole Tone, Major, Harmonic Minor Scales.)

Jazz Modes & Seventh Chords (free):
Extended Major Scales, their Modes, and all jazzy 7th chords pdf.

How do I get fast fingers? (24 pages pdf free flute exercises)
Exercises in trills for fun; chromatic scales for finger evenness.

Free pdf exercises with mp3 backing tracks:

Major and Minor Scale Pattern with Harp Harmonies

Expanding Intervals Warmup

"The ScaleGame" with mp3 backing track (Taffanel & Gaubert E.J. 4)

Best, Jen