Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Part 1. Low Longtone Warmups (free pdfs)

Dear Flutelovers,

Download free Longtone Warmups (Low/Medium) in pdf here.
(Updated Feb. 4th new and improved version)

In my last blog-post I spoke about Longtones and the best way to practice them, helped along by several videos I made about obtaining "Pure tone".

The often overlooked point about pure tone exercises is that the very first note you play (B natural in the lower octave) should be absolutely GORGEOUS, ringing, pure and celestial; your best, most heavenly flute tone of the day.

When you get a gorgeous B natural, you then proceed to listen to and keep that tone, matching it gradually, by descending semitones, to every other note on the flute.

If your slurred pairs of semitones sound all different in tone quality, like this,

then you will benefit from closing your eyes, listening closely, sensing your embouchure position, steadying your air, and experimenting, in a relaxed way, in matching the two tones. It's a "Zen-like" experience as you continue to listen, repeat, breathe, relax, repeat, listen and improve. What you're truly doing is improving your Ear-Mouth co-ordination. :>)

And the flute embouchure is so flexible, and small changes can result in huge improvements. In truth, sometimes just "thinking a change" in the embouchure is enough to clear up a whole row of notes. Sometimes just releasing all excess tension in the face and throat and letting the air carry the tone is all that's needed. You'll discover this. It's fascinating! :>)

Most flute novices find that their slurred pairs are all different in tone quality as shown above. That's why we need to simply ask for a good flute teacher's help to assist us in figuring out what we're doing that is interrupting our quality of pure, effortless, beautiful, ringing tone down through the basic longtone/puretone exercises. An experienced flute coach who can "spot what you're doing" is the most valuable help you can have during the first few weeks of tone practice.

And once you "get it" you'll be totally amazed, engrossed, and excited by this exercise.
Trust me on that one. :>)

Here are the free TONE WARMUP pages for you to print out:

Tone Warmups - Longtones in low and middle octave.
(Updated Feb. 4th new and improved version)

It's about 161 kb, and can be three hole punched and put in a practice binder (along with other free pdfs linked below).

Also see High Longtones:

Please help yourself.
I was originall going to start my own flute book with this warmup, but since almost every flute player will find it easy to read and understand, it's helpful to have it in advance so you can get started.

Also see:
Breathing advice for easy breathing.

And more free pdfs (scales that are fun!) for your music stand or flute practice binder.

Best, Jen