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Teaching Resources - Pahud, Denk & Sax Lessons

Dear Flute Lovers,

When I rave about something you know I mean it. ha.
The Pahud masterclasses online are fab fab fab. Former rave here.
Well, now I have been a member of "Play with a Pro" for about two years, and have downloaded all the full length Emmanual Pahud Masterclasses on advanced repertoire. And wowza. So you might also be interested in the Pahud masterclasses, if you are a flute teacher, or an advanced student.

Totally fabulous, and amazing. Highly recommended.

Emmanuel Pahud Masterclasses
At: Play with a Pro - view previews, sign up, download at their site.

See previews on youtube:

Pahud Masterclasses - Sancan Sonatine

Pahud Masterclasses - Reineke Concerto

More previews:

Pahud Masterclasses - Messiaen Le Merle Noir

Pahud Masterclasses - Schubert Trocke Blumen

For those with keen eyes, look for:

- the flutist with the offset embouchure
- the flutist with the headjoint alignment that makeshand position and rapid fingering more difficult.
- what Pahud means when he says "Wasabi!" and what a difference Wasabi makes to those students who use that resonance.

Noteworthy Lesson Notebooks

Very amusing "must see" for musicians:

Jeremy Denk shows his piano lesson notebook from when he was 11-15 (video):

My piano lesson notebook

Article by Denk in New Yorker (partial):
Quote from article:

In popular culture, music lessons are often linked with psychological torment. People apparently love stories about performing-arts teachers who drive students mad, breaking their spirits with pitiless exactitude.
I’ve often rolled my eyes at the music-lesson clichés of movies: the mind games and power plays, the teacher with the quaint European accent who says, “You will never make it, you are not a real musician,” in order to get you to work even harder.

Sax Lessons online

Also of interest to flutists!

A flute-teaching friend wrote to me:

Saxophonist Joe Allard's concepts and ways of teaching and thinking about playing a wind instrument are very close to your approach, especially the idea of setting a range of motion and/or tension by moving from 10 to 1 on your personal scale.  Patel says some very useful things about embouchure, throat, tongue, posture, and instrument balance and position that are easily related back to the flute...or any wind instruments.  This kind of detailed analysis of the physical mechanism combined with the mental imagery of the sound you want to produce is just so helpful and productive.
Saxophone teaching (Joe Allard/Harvey Pittel):

See all videos here. Lots for flutists to learn from.

All the best,
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Blogger Stephen Haberman said...

Hi Jen, what a coincidence! I was just watching some previews of those the other day.

He seems to have really interested tidbits spread throughout all of them; which is great, but I wouldn't mind a "high lights reel". Although perhaps it's all great.

Have you watched the fundamentals one? How was it?

Saturday, April 06, 2013 10:10:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

Hi Stephen,
Fundamentals is very good; 90 minutes.
My review:

Best, Jen

Saturday, April 06, 2013 11:52:00 PM

Anonymous Greger Hillman said...

That's a great resource right there. I've only seen a few before, but I like the fact that they are setup in the same place. Thanks! Gonna watch them fro start to finish now;)

Thursday, May 16, 2013 4:40:00 AM


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