Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Powerful Four

Welcome back from summer vacance, old flutey ones. :>)

 Check out the powerhouse of players in this flute quartet:

Reicha Quartet; James Galway, Robert Langevin, Stefán Höskuldsson, Denis Bouriakov,

  1st mvmt. Reicha

   2nd mvmt. Reicha

  3rd mvmt. Reicha

  4th mvmt. Reicha

Oh and do notice these things as you listen and watch:

No flute is parallel to the floor. Comfort dictates a slanty flute !

Standing position is almost identical among these four players.

Also note bobbing/weaving motions not occuring! :>)

 Listen for: Projection of solo lines over top quieter accompaniment. Also listen for dynamics and tuning. When playing quietly, professional flutists adjust carefully to keep pitch pure!

 Best, Jen