Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jen's feature interview

Dear Flute-lovers,

I had a wonderful interview with this writer, and here is the profile article that resulted:

The three photos are interesting to me too, because I know when and how they were shot.

The first photo in the above article is taken by a newspaper photographer standing high up on a cement parapet, looking down on the rehearsal entrance where the musicans spill out to cool off. It's just before an orchestral concert. It's outdoors in early summer. The photographer said "Concert dress --- get your instrument".  Secretly I am wearing bare feet. I have the original photo from the news photographer; it's been cropped to hide the feet. :>)

The second photo was taken at Ryerson Polytech College photography department back in 1979 by a fellow arts student.

I had just finished eating salt and vinegar potato chips, and before being able to wipe my hands, the student-photographer said: "Stand over here". (clicks on lights) "Play your flute."

(click on picture to enlarge)

The student photographer is now an instructor of photography there! And thanks to their project to shoot this series, I can now see from this photo the stress on my left arm before it became a "musician's injury". Note the flute:  in-line G, open holes, keys tilting slightly backwards,
Note the player: tension in left hand and forearm, neck askew etc.
This is five years before the injury occurred. (left scapula, followed by left wrist and forearm).

Finally, the third photo in the interview article was taken at home in the garden and was also the one used in Flutist's Quarterly biography. That is the most recent photo, obviously. I'm in my fifties now.

But I love that there was at least one from that 1979 salt and vinegar Gemeinhardt with a gold lip plate time of life. :>) Now I know what "brings back alot of memories" really means.

Enjoy! The article is so enthusiastic it's refreshing!
I love it! Thanks to the author a zillion thanks!!

Best, Jen

Bonus flutey items:

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