Monday, January 18, 2016

Susan Hoeppner - how to prepare for a recital

Dear Flute-lovers,
I'm taking a break from my flute-work (practicing, book writing and trio writing) and looking up old flute-friends, and listening to some fave flute performers from the past.
So fun.

Here's a film and article with Canadian Flutist Susan Hoeppner, one of the most inspiring performers whom I always try and see live. She's one powerful and musical player. Such conviction.
And then she tells you how to do it yourself. :>)

The article is about preparing for performances.
Excellent and well worth a look.
Susan Hoppner "how to prepare for a recital" article: pdf

Live performance: Susan Hoppner Gala Concert in Japan (excerpts)

Sorry to be away for so long, but good work takes time.
Best, Jen