Sunday, June 26, 2016

Free Flute Gigging Sheetmusic

Dear Jen,
I've been asked to play "something classical" for either solo flute, or intermediate/advanced flute with very simple piano.
This is a paying gig, and it's at a church; they want music for as the ceremony ends.
Can you suggest some titles, and hopefully some links to free sheetmusic, that would be suitable?
Thanks so much.
Your old student (but still young enough. :>)

Dear student,

Here you go: thrilling for you, and easy for piano.
Most of these standards are at the IMSLP free music library:

[Note: below I've added two links in case you get caught in the 15 second wait for non-members at IMSLP.]

Best Flute Alone for Church-type-gigs

1. CPE Bach A minor unaccomp.
2. Telemann Fantasias

3. Marais "Les Folies D'Espagne" theme and choice of variations

4. Kulau Fantasias

My fave: No. 3

No. 2
5. Ferroud - I Bergere Captive (first mvmt. of three mvmts.)

6.   Quantz: 8 Caprices,_Giedde_I.17_(Quantz,_Johann_Joachim)

Pahud plays Quantz caprice as encore (video)

One you try these out, you'll think of more from past years that you can look up.

Flute with easy-ish Piano
1. Quantz Sonatas:

Telemann Sonatas at IMSLP  and other free sheetmusic sites like .
Obviously some elderly editions are not of use if they're too funky looking script-wise and have no fully realized piano parts. So check both sites.

2. Lists of free pdfs at Flutetunes:

See list intermediate works:

Examples from above that have easy piano:

Gymnopedie by Satie

Pavane by Ravel

Arioso by Bach
Happy gigging,
best Jen

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your correspondent might also consider a theme and variations on a well-known hymn tune, exercising caution to select something with words which augment/support the ceremony. There might be something workable already, there might be something that could easily be adapted by someone competent, or your correspondent might try his/her own arrangement if he/she feels up to the challenge and there's time.

Sunday, July 03, 2016 11:02:00 AM


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