Saturday, June 24, 2017

Who is playing with too much tension?

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Lea Pearson Webinar
Subject: Body Awareness for Tense Flutists
Webinar - Free video online

Dear Flute-lovers,

Lea Pearson, Author of "Body Mapping for Flutists" is a great workshop leader too.
She deals with flute aches and pains, posture, breathing and freedom from pain through understanding the body's freedom while we practice flute.

Lea has just now put up a free online workshop that you can still view (June 24th, 2017).
Highly recommended! So knowledgable!

Link: Video

Enjoy your newfound freedoms!
Update Sept. 17th, 2017

NEW Lea Pearson webinar for Flute Teachers!

Set your Students up for Success: More Gain, Less Pain  35 minutes long


This is great to see and hear!
Best, Jen