Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lorna McGhee teaching Prokofiev & Beethoven

Dear Flute Lovers,

One of my all time favourite flutists is teaching orchestral excerpts on "Principal Chairs".
Lorna McGhee.  I have learned SO SO much watching her teach!

Lorna McGhee on 'Principal Chairs'


Viewing the full films costs about $10, and you need to use a credit card to buy one month's access to all their flute teaching films (remember to cancel your one month subscription of you're on a tight budget) at Principal Chairs (FAQ).
Imagine that! This is a very cheap price to fly to a series of expert masterclasses.
Plus you can press "pause", and re-watch segments, and really absorb absorb absorb.

And, I'm guessing, in that short time (a 30 day subscription), if you're a flute-maniac,  you can watch all the films (many principal flute players teaching many excerpts) and make notes and try out techniques. Super fascinating even if you're just watching to see body-language.

See all the available flute excerpt teaching films.

This is a fabulous resource (and I'm not related at all to this company, I just really love learning).

Also of interest: Lorna McGhee recommends this book:


Best, Jen

Free - Read interviews with principal flutists/great teachers:

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