Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flute Composer's historical timeline

Dear Flute-lovers,

Some of my students were looking up their composers, and I mentioned "Timeline at a Glance" for flutists. From an old 1950s music history book, I took a foldout two page timeline that had all kinds of historical events and composers and placed some of the standard flute repertoire composers alongside them so you could view how all the European composers overlapped. Because there were no recordings, the only way they could learn of eachother was by visiting, listening to concerts, and sharing scores. So note the influences due to commonly travelled routes in Europe!

Here is my latest composer's timeline at a glance as an image. I've added Kohler, Doppler, Marais, Berbiguier etc. so you can see why and when they wrote as they did.

(click on the above image to enlarge your view, or right-click to save as a jpg.)

Since the original chart didn't venture very far into the 20th century, one would have to add another page to place all the contemporary composers. But this was "at a glance", so it helps for quick reference.

Also, when researching composers, do check out Flute Ark!

Need to distinguish between one W.F. Bach and another, or one Loeillet (from London or Ghent?) and their cousin? Well then use the very fabulously concise "Flute Ark" composer information site by Trevor Wye and friends:

Very useful for quick information about the historical period of your repertoire and to establish who wrote what in the standard flute repertoire.

Hope this helps,
Best, Jen
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Blogger jen said...

ADD to above chart:
1847-1909 - Composer J. Andersen, Etude/Flute Solo
To be added to timeline. Jen

Monday, February 05, 2018 10:20:00 AM


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