Sunday, January 05, 2020

Demarre McGill - The Energy!

Demarre McGill, Principal Flute, Seattle Symphony
Dear Flute Lovers,

I've just been listening to some great interviews, masterclass teaching and performances by Flutist Demarre McGill. What incredible energy! This wonderful musician teaches 21 students in two days after a red-eye flight and five full days at the Seattle Symphony in a week! What a dedicated musician! (I never could have done this even at 35!)  Enjoy these interviews and classes. Comments welcome.
Best, Jen

"Mind Over Finger" - an interview with Demarre McGill (audio podcast)
The second half of this podcast features Demarre's flute practicing advice. This is totally worth listening to!


Griffes Poem performed by McGill (video)

McGill teaching Brahms solo: (video)

Teaching Nielsen Concerto: (video)


 Flute Unscripted Audio Interview with McGill (video/sound only)