Wednesday, May 06, 2020

How to convert wav to mp3 in Audacity

Dear Flutists,
A few quick articles today! Firstly, I have students sending their lessons to me attached to emails as mp3s. Today a student had trouble converting her recorded wav files into mp3s to make them small enough to work well as email attachments. For those of us who are technology challenged due to being in our 50s and 60s, here is the basic information on changing wav files to mp3s using Audacity.

How to change WAV to mp3 sound files in Audacity software.

Open Audacity program from your computer.

Open the wav file you wish to convert, from inside of Audacity: FILE -- OPEN

Once the file of sound is on your screen, simply convert to mp3 by using the menus on top left of Audacity screen:

File - Export - Export as mp3

Then name and save the new mp3 where you can find it again.

Here are the steps in pictures:

Hope this helps. More to follow on interesting flutey stuff.