Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Possibility of Magic

As I happily retire this autumn from teaching at our Music Conservatory for 27 years,  I am passing my students on to a fresh, contemporary, younger flute teacher. One or two of my adult students said "Oh no, no, no...I can never start, online, with a younger, newer teacher if I can't have you!"

And I said: "Well.......don't miss any possibilities for magic!" :>)

I had been imagining all the fun they would be having in the future, playing pieces such as this one:

Emma Resmini plays Ian Clark's "The Great Train Race" (video)

Description of sheetmusic:

Techniques include; residual/breathy fast tonguing, multiphonics, singing & playing, lip bending, explosive harmonics and an optional circular breathing section.  A forward with explanations of the techniques is given along with fingerings in the score.  The multiphonics used are of the more friendly variety; seven multiphonics from only four different fingerings. 


HUGE panache! What a great performance! Just love it! I say "Go for it Gurrrllls!"

Honestly......good storytelling just rocks! 

(you can tell I'm hitting sixty by the way I say 'rocks' ha ha!)