Thursday, October 29, 2020

Gareth Davies of London - Interview

Interview with Davies on Principal Chairs

Dear Flute-Lovers,

The free flute films that are on Principal Chairs (featuring the excellent Michael Cox among other great flutists), has been a pleasure to follow all through our "hometime". One of the interviews that I enjoyed the most for the honesty and truth about the life of fluting was the one featuring London Symphony Principal Flutist Gareth Davies

Link to Interview: (no Facebook membership is required to view this film)

Loved it. Recommend. Fabulous.

Additionally, in searching around Gareth's extensive internet presence I also found a fun film of "A Day in the Life in the London Symphony" (video) by Gareth as well. And if like me (or like all of us during these times), you like to live vicariously, you might enjoy it. :>)

During lockdown, he's also playing duets with the best player he can find, who he's known all his life: Duet video.

And for an extra added bonus, Gareth's LSO co-principal, Adam Walker, has a masterclass up to view as well. (video)

Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Best, Jen