Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Huge resource flute sheetmusic & playalongs


Dear Flute-Lovers,

Thousands of flute and piano pieces are now being made available in midi and pdf on disc and thumbdrives from the Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles.

One well-loved teacher on our Flutenet discussion group has been telling us how good this HUGE flute sheetmusic collection is. (Naturally, neither of us has any relationship with this company. We just like heaps of cheap-per-score classic flute sheetmusic in pdfs that are screen readable and/or printable!)

Well, the same sheetmusic company has just started putting out Midi accompaniment tracks for their Flute sheetmusic Volumes  1-4 too!

So far, they have made available the midi soundfiles on disc/drive for playing along with the sheetmusic of flute/piano collection in Volume 1, with more to follow.


About the matching playalong midi tracks - from the site's text (quote):

"Sound Files work on both PC and Mac. There are two types of files in this archive: 

1. MP3 Files - These files provide high quality sound and can be played by your computer, your home stereo system or even through your phone or tablet. 

2. Midi Files - These files are played with a midi player. A midi player can either be built in or connected to your computer. It can even be a standalone keyboard.

A lot, but not all, of the music from the Flute Archive, Volume 1 is included in this archive. Please scroll down to see a complete listing of the music included.

There are many different ways to play the music files in this archive: 

1. Play either the disc or the thumb drive on your computer and use your computer speakers or headphones for the sound. 

2. If your sound system has a USB port, you can play directly from the thumb drive.

3. Load the files to your phone, tablet or cloud. You can then broadcast the music via bluetooth or wifi to your bluetooth speakers or sound system.

4. Load the midi files onto a midi keyboard

5. Load the files onto your computer and play them anywhere using your home network.

These are just a few suggestions. Getting the music from the MP3 or MIDI files to your speakers is limited only by technology and your imagination. This is computer generated music rendered with high quality software that makes it sound like the real thing."

___________end quote

See the entire flute sheetmusic collection here in Vols. 1-4.

That's a heck of a lot of future sheetmusic even if 70% of it turns out just to be for amusement, and you'd never actually perform, or even print it.

And, note: Many of these old editions of sheetmusic are full of erroneous dynamics, slurs, and missing whatnots that are not urtext (!) etc. etc.

So they aren't GREAT printed editions in the first place; in fact they're so quirky, they're in public domain.

 ie: Don't believe the slur/staccato/dynamic markings in the Bach!!!!! 

But it's a great little rabbit warren of music to play through if they're going to make good affordable midi accompaniments for those zillion of us who are in hobbity lockdown!

Enjoy this resource! 

Folk say the midi playalongs audio sound is of surprisingly good quality!

Best, Jen

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Wow, Jen! Thank you so much. This is an amazing resource.

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