Saturday, May 22, 2021

New Flute Podcast from Northern Ireland

 Dear Flutelovers,

I had a lovely long listen today to several episodes of the new podcast from Northern Ireland:

The first episode I heard was: Jennifer Sturgeon.

Hers is a great tale! And the moment was captured on film!

12 year old wins BBC Musician of the Year (video shown on youtube)

And Jennifer Sturgeon is featured in an Irish Flute Band film at age 13 too. (video)

Northern Irish Flute Ensemble Documentary; Jennifer's background to winning that BBC competition: (set to start at minute 28 at Jennifer's segment, but all interesting.)

I was also fascinated to hear what the Galways are doing in lockdown:

James & Lady Galway in Lockdown Interview.

And I enjoyed this interview of an artist who follows both classical and Irish traditions: Eimear McGeown Interview.

The flutist who is doing the interviewing is Aisling Agnew. What a lovely player!

Libertango by Piazzolla (video)

Great stuff! So do enjoy all the interviews of interesting Northern Ireland players and makers. There are all sorts of ways to listen to the podcast on the move etc.

Series 1 All Episodes:

Comments welcome! I really found this flutey history and camaraderie refreshing!!