Wednesday, June 09, 2021

To my subscribers - follow-it; feedburner

 Dear Subscribers to this very flutey blog, :>)

If you're a subscriber to my blog you receive every blog post as a new email with the subject: "The Lastest from Jennifer Cluff" in your inbox. This was a service offered using "Feedburner" which google is retiring at the end of June. Solution?

I will migrate my blog subscriber list automatically to a free service called ""  and then you won't have to subscribe again when the widget changes on this page. Do nothing and you'll still automatically get emails every time I update my blog. Currently there are 667 subscribers to this flute blog, (as well as 200 more who subscribed but never saw the confirmation email, because it got lost in a spam folder, or for whatever reason). Just to let you know that email updates might look a little different, and they will tack on a postscript that says "if you enjoyed this you might also enjoy reading that"; Which we can all ignore if it's off-topic.

The "subscribe to Jen's blog" widget will look a little different too, and anyone NEW who wants to subscribe will have an easy way to just "click to subscribe" using "" and just confirm it with a follow-it email confirmation.

I'm not moving the URL of the blog, of course. Everything still the same place. (someone misread and thought I was moving the URL links. No worries! :>)

Got one vaccine so far and am looking forward to September and an autumn of Flutey-Return this year after pandemic-o'mania!

Best, Jen