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Top Ten Secrets of Great Flute Playing pdf

 Question: Good morning Jennifer. My teacher informed me about your website.  I am a new student of the flute and an adult. However, I do play piano and read music. 

I am really trying to get down the embouchure and my teacher gave me this single page 2 of your hand-out (attached to email) that she said she got from your website. However, it is only page 2 and she does not have page 1 and this page refers to the prior page and I am wondering if this article is available for me to see on your website.

Thank you. I love all of this information you provide. I am frustrated with getting a clean sound consistently.

Jen's Reply: 

Here is the complete three page handout in pdf. It's called "Top Ten Secrets of Great Flute Playing" (pdf) and covers everything for a new flutist's basic start:

I hope your teacher gets this link so s/he/they can download all THREE pages!

Thanks for helping me clarify this so others can find it too. I put it up on the web years ago, and it's my most downloaded pdf!

I hope that anyone who plays the flute helps themselves too. Most useful facts in the smallest number of words! And naturally I did the drawings myself on actual paper 20 years ago! hahahhaa.

For a beginner, if you are frustrated with getting a consistent quality of sound at first, be sure to use a mirror and also "headjoint only", because you may not be placing the flute's lip-plate in the exact same spot each time you raise the flute to your face. It takes "Time, Patience and Intelligent Work" as the famous flute players all say.

Here is a flute-embouchure specific "How to use a mirror when practicing the flute" article and pdf.


Best, Jen

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