Tuesday, January 04, 2022

New Year's revival from Paul Edmund-Davies


Dear Flute-lovers,
I've been away from the computer working on healthy outdoor projects (removing invasive plants from wildlands nearby). And now the job is complete, and as proud as punch, and full of sausage rolls and home baking, I am back!

Sorry for those who were waiting avidly for flutey news. I really had to rest my flute injury (left scapula and left arm.) once and for all and do something completely different. 
So: a very happy 2022 to everyone!

 And hey, speaking of getting back into the swing of things, have you been getting the newsletters from the wonderfully fun-to-follow Paul Edmund-Davies? 
Wow. Such a buoyant attitude and so many brilliant ideas to keep flute practicing valid and meaningful.

To subscribe to the (often hilarious when he talks about London plumbing and country leaf-blowers) Simply Flute newsletter, just scroll all the way down to the bottom of any page at www.simplyflute.com and look for the Sign up to our newsletter. It looks like this and is free:

Currently, if you sign up for the newsletter, you'll see that Paul is re-visiting the "Resoflutions" exercises, and you get a free musical exercise in pdf in every newsletter to re-work these in a more leisurely and well-paced manner, perfect for a new year's come-back: Revisiting Resoflutions

The additional free pdfs and instructional materials for starving students are here:

It is very inexpensive to subscribe ($6. US per month) to receive access to all the materials and access to every single teaching resource on Simply Flute.
I'm definitely going to subscribe, so I thought I'd share the excitement with everyone! And I'm super interested in Paul's new Horn Studies by Gallay and the videos: Gallay Horn Studies for flute

Paul is doing an amazing job through the pandemic!!
Enjoy all the stuff at simplyflute.com

Best, Jen
PS. Congratulations to Paul for his October 2021 appointment at the Royal Academy of Music in London as "the Charles Nicholson Professor of Flute"!