Monday, March 14, 2022

Podcast for when you're fired from the arts

Podcast for when you're fired from the arts

Dear Flutelovers,

If you've ever felt rejected after an audition....

If you've ever felt like giving up your art.....

If you've ever wanted so much to be a part of a artistic group, and found yourself on the outside of that group....

If you've ever worked very hard in a very tough field, and then had something inexplicably just not work out....even when it was supposed to be a sure thing....

Well then... as we're coming out of lockdown, you may want to hear this super interesting and funny podcast:

DeadEyes Podcast

I read about it first a few days ago in the news.

Tom Hanks fired a young actor, who then quits acting in despair. He goes to work in a bookstore in New York, and then re-enters the field as an improv comedian ten years later, develops a stand up comedy routine about being fired by Tom Hanks, and then tries to figure out why this all happened, twenty years later, from every possible angle, in a podcast.

It is GREAT work and I binge-listened to it. (There are over 30 short episodes) And unbelievably, the two men meet in the final episode and all is revealed!

You may think: Now Jen, just how is this flute related?

Well you'll soon understand from listening to the many episodes of this enjoyable show! I mean, naturally the so-called "entertainment business" includes classical musicianship AND acting, and agents, and bookings, and racing the clock, and , most unconquerable of all, (duh duh duh DUH!!)... subjective opinion.

Quote from the news article about "Dead Eyes" podcast:

"Although it’s overwhelmingly played for laughs – the construction of the podcast, excavating an old wound from every conceivable angle, gives it the feel of an investigative true-crime show. It’s beautifully done."


Episode 1

Episode 2 

Episode 3

continue in order here:

All episodes 

You'll need to scroll down to Oldest to listen in order.

Jen's fave episode for the Scotsman's story: Episode 10


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