Monday, April 11, 2022

Playing Around with Nielsen

This past week many enjoyed the livestreaming of the Nielsen competition.

'Playing around with Nielsen' was one of the competition features. Each performer created their own flute piece based on fragments of Nielsen's compositions.

Violeta Gil Garcia's extraordinary performance of her composition "Camino" for solo flute was replayed at the awards ceremony. It includes extended technique as well as rhythmic foot stomping typical of her native Andalucia.

Very much worth seeing and hearing!! (video)

Comments are welcome as well as general flute questions!!

For example: does anyone else feel uncomfortable watching Violeta's flute tilt backward? I know she's fabulous, but those backward tilting keys make me think of my own arm injury from playing this way. Love to hear other teacher's thoughts on this.

And again, many thanks to Dianne Winsor for keeping us all up to date on the various flute competitions in Europe.