Thursday, June 22, 2023

Live-Stream Tchaikovsky competition

Update June 29:

The competition's third round is complete and you can scroll down here to see the Winners!!  Videos of all of the performances are  archived for later viewing on the competition's website.

When searching the video archive, look for the woodwind photo on the title page of each video to find the flutists. There are multiple woodwind players in each four hr. video.

 The three flutists who had been selected to proceed to Round 3 had finished playing and it is fantastic stuff! Check out the videos. My fave is Sofia Viland!!!

Yesung Kim, South Korea

Sofia Viland, Russia

Anna Kamarova, Russia

See these three artists on youtube:

 YeSung Kim,  Sofia Viland, (interview with Sofia),  Anna Komarova.

The second round participant who was eliminated was: Ksenia Arsenova (see bios of contestants here.) I watched the performance again I think it was a case of intonation issues caused by the flute leaning backward (weight of the rods causing the flute to roll inward) in the hands, as well as uncontrolled pitch during forte dynamics. It was also interesting to note that this is a rare "offset to the right" embouchure found in Arsenova's fluteplaying.

Woodwind videos in archive so far:

Round 1: (wooden flute for Bach work)


Round 2:

Round 3:


I Prize and gold Medal — Viland Sofia (Russia)

II Prize and silver Medal — Osver Fyodor (Russia) and Komarova Anna (Russia)

III Prize and bronze Medal — Kim Ye Sung (South Korea), Palumbo Augusto Velio (Italy), Zhuravskiy Lev (Russia)

IV Prize and Diploma —

V Prize and Diploma - Ning Yuening (China)

VI Prize and Diploma - Xie Zonglin (China)

Best, Jen