Thursday, September 07, 2023

Argentinian music for Flute & Piano

 Dear Flutelovers,

Well here's a marvelous musical discovery; music for flute by Argentinian composers Paulina Fain (flute) and Exequiel Mantega (piano). And so much of their flute/piano sheetmusic is free at their Tango Education website.

Have a listen to the optimism, fun and playfulness of this first one. I truly want to play the flute again just to play pieces exactly like this piece!!

Viste de Mi (You Saw Me): (video

Paulina Fain flute, Exequiel Mantega piano

I love that title: You Saw Me. How apt that is for what it sounds like!

And here's another favourite one:

Un dia de noviembre (One day in November): (audio)

These two pieces will be my goal to restart playing again. I'm rehearsing them with a jazz pianist in Oct/Nov. so there's a reason to prepare. What a joy to start with some music that is so invigorating and fresh to the ear.

If you're lovin' these sounds, take a listen to the rest of the free music at the site:

Tal vez sera su voz (Maybe it will be your voice): (video)

Milonga Camarga (piccolo): (video)

El choclo (the Corn): (video)

La Deschissiada: (video)

Milonga Gris: (video)

Their website has free scores for all instruments. When you arrive, make sure you're in ENGLISH, then scroll down to find all the above pieces for flute & piano, and even flute ensemble music, which I have not listened to yet. You sign up and check out and all the pdfs are yours:

Paulina Fain has also written a "how to learn authentic Tango on flute" book which has online sound samples of techniques, rhythms and five original pieces for flute and piano. The online CD-1, CD-2 audios that go with the book gives you a clear idea of what the book will contain before you order it.

This is just so incredibly marvelloosey, I'm thrilled.

Maybe I will finally learn to Tango!!
Best, Tango Jen