Saturday, September 09, 2023

Lyrical Championship; Galways to judge

Dear Flutelovers,

 Two blog posts in three days from me, whoa nellie, eh? But this one is time sensitive if you want to participate, and I think it sounds amazing! A chance for adult amateurs and students to play for the Galways for one thing! :>)

There's a Flute Championship being held online with Sir James and Lady Galway as judges, as well as Ulla Miilmann, Viviana Guzmán and Joshua Batty. 

Yesterday the author, Karen North, officially announced The 3rd “Lyrical Flute International Championship”. She wrote: "This  is a virtual competition, so entrants submit a video of playing one of the set pieces; entry is FREE and there are great PRIZES to be won thanks to our generous sponsors. The set list includes many recently commissioned works, which I have published in “Lyrical Flute Encores” and “Lyrical Flute Legends”, in addition to other music. If you know of any students or amateur adult flutists who might be interested, further information is here about the championship. 

Entries close Oct. 31st 2023.(prize information & rules). And you are welcome to send an email if you have questions about the Championship to Karen North:  karen(at)THEYOUNGFLUTEPLAYER(dot)COM "


Jen adds: Note that all sheetmusic and backing tracks are available by digital download  (and of course in print copies of the book too), and it is so beautifully presented. Here is the introductory video for the newest "Encores" book so you can hear and see some of the sheetmusic (video) composed by commission.

 I checked out all the information, and it says that you can use a live pianist or a backing track for your video entry. All backing tracks are here in playlists on youtube. You can also purchase mp3 backing tracks for under $10 if you prefer to download them. Entry form and "how to upload a video" links  are on this page. For the championship's third year, here is the repertoire list. It allows the performer to select from several of Karen North's publications for flute, some of which they may have already purchased.

And here are the newly published "Lyrical" sheetmusic books from which you are to play ONE selection for the championship:

Lyrical Flute Legends - Purchase the book. (digital download available)

Listen to all the works in the book: (youtube playlist).

Lyrical Flute EncoresPurchase(digital download available)

Listen to all the works in the book: (youtubeplaylist).

Jen writes: This is a brilliant idea to spread the word about these beautiful new lyrical pieces, written especially for this publication and to offer interpretive diversity to the number of recordings available for these very "hot off the presses" lovely lyrical flute pieces. So much helpful information is given at her website.

And I can't wait to hear the winners! It just adds to the many possible sensitive and dramatic ways to interpret these new works.

Thanks to Karen North for her foresight and enjoy all these beautiful new works for flute and piano. This was SO needed in the repertoire. Congrats on a job well done Karen, and can't wait for more. Fabulouso!! :>D

Best, Jen