Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Geneva Flute Competition

Dear Flutelovers, If you've been watching the 77th Concours de Genève online some of the flute recital presentations are really compelling! 

Update: Nov. 5/23; Winner: Elizaveta Ivanova.

Final Round: (video)

First Round (video playlist) was an online recital. See repertoire lists below.
As of today's date we are mid-way through the Semi-final Round (video playlist).

Eight flutists were selected for the semi-final round of the competition and the top three names went on to the Finals: 

1st - Elizaveta Ivanova, 26 years old 
 2nd - Mario Bruno, 25 years old 
2nd - Yuan Yu, 21 years old 
 Rafael Adobas Bayog, 25 years old
Heewon Han, 21 years old 
Sooah Jeon, 15 years old (video 2nd round)
Judy Lee, 18 years old 

Repertoire list:

 Round One - ONLINE RECITAL (45 min) 

 F. Martin : Ballade for flute and piano (7’)

One sonata for flute and piano from the following list: 
J.F. Barnett: Grand Sonata in G minor, Op.41 (19’) 
M. Bonis: Sonata (15’) 
P. Boulez: Sonatine (12’) 
M. Olbersleben: Fantaisie Sonata op.17 (21’) 
S. Prokofiev: Sonata (25’) 
C. Reinecke: Sonata Undine (25’) 
E. Schulhoff: Sonata (13’) 
C.M. Widor: Suite Op. 34 (19’) 

One contemporary work for flute solo from the following list: 
B. Furrer: Melodia (2020) (6’) 
M. Jarrell: Le point est la source de tout (2020) 
L. Lim: Bioluminescence (2019) (7’) 
P. Manoury: Soubresauts (2020) (7’) 
M. Pintscher: Beyond (2013) (12’) 
J. Widmann: Petite Suite (2016) (6’) 

 Rest of the programme as free choice.
NB: The recital should not exceed 45 minutes including entrances/exits to the stage and eventual pauses.

 SEMI-FINAL ROUND IN 3 PARTS maximum 8 candidates 

 I. Solo Recital (50-60 min): 45% of the evaluation 
 Free programme: The repertoire of the Solo Recital is at the free choice of the candidate. It must be constructed as a concert and explained using programme notes. The repertoire can include solo pieces and pieces with piano. 
 NB: The Solo Recital should not exceed 60 minutes including the entrances/exits of the stage and the possible pauses. 

 II. Semi-Final: Chamber Music (approx. 45 min): 35% of the evaluation 
 One baroque sonata with harpsichord from the following list: 
J. S. Bach: Sonata in E minor, BWV 1034 (14’) 
J. S. Bach: Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035 (12’) 
C. P. E. Bach: Sonata in E Major, H 506, Wq 84 (14’) 
C. P. E. Bach: Sonata in D Major, H 505, Wq 83 (13’) 
W. F. Bach: Sonata in E minor, FK 32 (11’) 
M. Blavet: « La Vibray » Sonata n°2 in D minor, Op.2 (11’) 
M. Blavet: « La Lumagne » Sonata n°4 in G Major, Op.2 (12’) 
J. M. Leclair: Sonata n°2 in E minor, Op.9 (15’) 
J. M. Leclair: Sonata n°7 in G Major, Op.9 (11’) 
G. B. Platti: Sonata n°6 in G Major, Op.3 (11’) 

 A. Jolivet: Chant de Linos for flute, string trio and harp (11’) 

 K. Juillerat: Work commissioned by the Competition for flute, clarinet and piano (15-20’) 

III. Semi-Final: Personal Artistic Project: 20% of the evaluation Presentation and defense of a personal artistic project 


 W. A. Mozart: Andante in C Major, K. 315 
as well as:
 One concerto from the following list: 
M. A. Dalbavie: Flute concerto 
J. Ibert: Flute concerto 
C. Nielsen: Flute concerto 
________________  end 77th Concours de Genève

Enjoy the competition. Winners updated as announced. Nov. 5th 2023.
Best, Jen