Tuesday, November 28, 2023

November flutey things

 Dear Flutelovers,

Four things of interest to see online this month:

1. All issues of Flutetalk online are now free to read. There's no search or index function but holy cow there are tons and tons of topics covered from 2008 to now. Wowza.

2. A wonderfully in-tune flutist, Barry Griffiths, with terrific dynamics and soulful interp. has begun recording all the flute quartet repertoire.

You can use his recordings to pre-rehearse before your quartet rehearsals by playing along. When I was preparing students for quartet, I only wish I'd had these recordings of the quartet repertoire for prep. and time-saving with so few reherasals! For example, this is so in tune for bass flute unison with C-flute; wowza!

A Gaelic Offering by McMichael - Lake Solace (video)

Hear all of Griffith's multiple-flute videos here.

3. This interview with teacher Terri Sanchez was super interesting. And here are Terri's technical know-how flute videos.

4. And this ribs and flutist's shoulder-blades article was super interesting too. I'm hoping there will be more on this topic, as this is where my primary flute injury is: the left scapula. I'm now working it out with trigger point massage therapy. Will update when more news.

Enjoy your upcoming holidays with all this great flute stuff.

Best, Jen