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Celebrating Wibb

Dear Flutelovers,

I spent a lovely rainy Saturday afternoon having my day brightened by the gorgeous sound of the flute playing of William Bennett, the funny stories about his life, and the exquisite playing of Wibb's students. Can't wait to hear part two today in the fog and rain too. Following the concert there is a very interesting interview with Lorna McGhee about studying with Wibb. See below.  Enjoy! Jen

Celebrating Wibb! The William Bennett Memorial Concert

Part 1 (video)

Introduction - Edward Blakeman 

Bach Concerto in G minor - Largo  - William Bennett (Flute)

Dvorak Songs My Mother Taught Me (arr Wibb) - Alena Walentin (Flute), Pavel Timofejevsky (Piano)

Mozart Andante - Lorna McGhee ( Flute ), Rodrigo Ojeda ( Piano )

Tribute - Roger Birnstingle   

Le Thiere  L’Oiseau du Bois - William Bennett (Piccolo)

Fauré  Fantaisie (1st movement) arr Wibb – Kiyoka Ohara (Flute), Roderick Seed (Flute)

Taffanel  Sicilienne-Etude - Denis Bouriakov (Flute), Emmanuel Ceysson (Harp)

Gaubert  Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando - Mathilde Calderini (Flute), Pavel Timofejevsky (Piano)

Poulenc  Hommage à Edith Piaf

Villa Lobos Canção Do Amor  (arr Wibb)  - Lukas Jordan (Flute), Fabrizio Matos (Guitar)

Tribute - Trevor Wye  

Drouet Home Sweet Home - Theme - William Bennett (Flute)


Part 2 (video

Introduction - Edward Blakeman 

Handel Sonata in B minor (Largo/Allegro) - William Bennett (Flute)

Dvorak (arr Wibb) Slavonic Dance Op.17/2 - Wissam Boustany (Flute), Hitomi Furukawa (Flute & Piccolo), Sue Thomas (Alto Flute)

Bach Cello Suite No.2, Prelude (arr Viazovskaya) Back to Bach - Zoia Viazovskaya  (Flute), The Black Square Quartet

Tribute - James Galway 

Elgar (arr. Wibb) La Capricciosa - Anna Kondrashina (Flute) , Pavel Timofejevsky (Piano)

Mel Bonis Sonata 1st movement - Emily Beynon (Flute), Mariken Zandvliet (Piano)

Tribute & Bach Cello Suite No.3 Bourrées - Steven Isserlis ( Cello )

Clifford Benson  A Song for Wibb - Joel Tse (Flute),  Pavel Timofejevsky (Piano)

Mendelssohn  Spring Song - William Bennett (Flute)

Saint-Saëns (arr Wibb) Softly Awakes My Heart (from Samson et Dalilah) 

Blessing - Revd. Tessa Bosworth


Lorna McGhee interview on Flute Unscripted (video)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, thank you for providing such a good blog and website for a flute lover learning from your experience. Thank you!

Monday, March 11, 2024 6:24:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

Dear Anon,
Thankyou very much for commenting and thanks for the thanks! I appreciate it. Best, Jen

Monday, March 11, 2024 7:28:00 PM


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