Friday, February 23, 2024

Etudes by Katyflute

 Dear Flutelovers,

I'm really enjoying the long-running Flute Vlog of Katie Althen-Velázquez . She is a recent graduate of the Juilliard, now free-lancing and making realistic videos about her life as a flutist. See all her vlog videos here

I enjoyed her honest talk about taking auditions as well as how she feels when "down in the dumps". So honest, so real, and such a good reality check! Yes, I feel exactly like that when I'm in the dumps about my playing too!

But here's a new twist! Katie is playing a set of Advanced-Intermediate etudes that I've never heard before, and playing them beautifully, and giving tips! You can download the pdf of the etudes for free at IMSLP: Kummer op 110

And here are the first three videos so far (Kummer Etude youtube playlist).

Kummer Op. 110; Etude no. 1 (video)

Kummer op. 110;  Etude no 2 (video)

Kummer Op. 110;  Etude no 3 (video)

And if these particular Kummer etudes are just a little too advanced, there are plenty of Intermediate etudes on Katie's Playlist; An Etude a Day, which may be more familiar to you.

Enjoy! These are lovely!

Best, Jen