Monday, March 25, 2024

Free & Helpful Flutey pdfs


Dear Flutelovers,

I thought it might be helpful for new readers to know about my free flute pdfs in a single blogpost, so here are all the links below. They've been created over the years, and can be printed out for your practise pleasure. Enjoy! Best, Jen

Free pdfs for your flute practice:

Jen's Easy to Read Flute Fingering Chart (pdf - 2 pages)

All free fingering charts and trill charts

The Top Ten Secrets of Great Fluteplaying


Free printable Longtone Exercises in pdf!

Low Longtone Warmups (pdf from this blog's previous post)

Middle & High Register Longtone Warmups (pdf)

Free Scale Booklets:

Part 1 - Morning Scale Class (free pdf - I - Chromatics, Whole Tone, Major, Harmonic Minor Scales.)

Part 2 - Morning Scale Class (free pdf - II - Chords of all kinds)

Part 3 - Morning Scale Class (free pdf - III - Scales in Thirds)

Part 4 - Creative scale practice - samples of variations for scales

Jazz Modes & Seventh Chords (free pdf):

Extended Major Scales, their Modes, and all jazzy 7th chords pdf.

How do I get fast fingers? (24 pages pdf free flute exercises)
Exercises in trills for fun; chromatic scales for finger evenness.

Free pdf exercises with mp3 backing tracks:

Major and Minor Scale Pattern with Harp Harmonies

Expanding Intervals Warmup

"The ScaleGame" with mp3 backing track (Taffanel & Gaubert E.J. 4)


Free pdfs at these flute blogposts also:

Ornaments, Grace Notes etc. and how to play them.

What do Articulation markings mean in sheetmusic?

Musical Line Explained: part 1, part 2, part 3 including Tartini Concerto pdfs.

Why work on the standard Bb fingering? part 1

All three Bb fingerings are needed (includes pdfs). part 2


And finally:

Flute Orchestral Repertoire

Free piccolo & flute substitute (easier) parts for Prokofiev's Classical Symphony.