Sunday, June 23, 2024

FUN with the Slovenian Flute Orchestra

 Oh holy cow batman! This is just SO much fun and well worth seeing! Here's the energy for the final piece in the concert (video), and now you can go back and watch the whole thing one piece at a time!!

Matej Zupan's Slovenian Flute Orchestra

Plays Tico Tico. More videos below.

Text from the programme:

The establishment of the Slovenian Flute Orchestra was a kind of logical consequence, a response to the challenges of the time during the pandemic, when we also questioned the meaning of our professional activities. The orchestra is composed of flutists, all academically trained musicians, united by a fundamental love for music and performance, forming a deeply connected community. In the flute orchestra, music is not only played, but it is lived and breathed together with it. Every note, every heartbeat of the music carries immense emotional richness, created by the flutists, many of whom are former classmates and long-time colleagues. Through rehearsals and concert preparations, they bond and connect, creating friendships and reviving memories of their shared musical journeys. The orchestra consists of piccolo flutes, concert flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes, with additional color provided by double bass, piano, and percussion. The sound of the orchestra, in the right balance, without vibrato and with a beautifully placed chord, resembles the lovely sound of an organ, which is certainly something unique. The repertoire consists of original compositions for this ensemble and arrangements of pieces from choral and orchestral literature. 

At this concert, among other pieces, we premiered a new piece of which we are especially proud, entitled Circus Flautasticus, which was composed by our orchestra member, flutist Agata Gojkošek. You are welcome to listen also our other performances which are listed below.

 The orchestra begins its historical journey with two concerts - in Murska Sobota and in the new premises of the Academy of Music at the University of Ljubljana, in the beautiful Kazina Palace, where most of the orchestra members also graduated, making it fitting for them to visit and experience the new spaces and thus “return home” in spirit.  See: Event photos

In the description below each of the videos on youtube there is information about where to order the sheet music.

Matej  Zupan


Tine Bec (*1993) GLORIA from Missa Pro Iuventate 

Blaž Pucihar (1977) In Gamba!

Tilen Slakan (1993) Insomnia 

Andrej Makor (1987) O Lux Beata Trinitas 

Marjan Grdadolnik (1967) Laudate Dominum


Carly Simon (1943) (arr. Craig Hella Johnson) Let the River Run

Josu Elberdin (1976) Duerme, Pequeno Mar (Sleep, My Little Sea) 

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Oratorio Solomon 

Sergej Rachmaninov (1873-1943), (arr. Joreon Bron) Scherzo

Christophe Beck (1972) / Frode Fjellheim (*1959)  Vuelie from Frozen 

Eliza Gilkyson (1950) (arr. Craig Hella Johnson)  Requiem

Herman Beeftink (1953) Aye, Aye, Rascal! 

Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) Waltz from Divertimento 

Zequinha de Abreu (1880-1935) TICO TICO NO FUBÁ (arr. Albert Arantes) 

* = year of birth given


Lots of very enjoyable listening, great music for your own ensemble to order (each youtube has a link to contact for ordering), and a terrific event all around for the flute world! Yay Slovenian Flute Orchestra! What incredible imagination and togetherness. Love it!

Best, Jen