Friday, October 12, 2018

Watch embouchure on Baroque flute

Claudio Barile plays JS Bach bwv 1013 on baroque flute (video)

Yesterday I was teaching one or two flute students about the continuous flexibility of the lips.
When Claudio plays this antique style of flute, you can really see the flexibility of embouchure he has to use to tune the notes. Of course this is far more motion than we now need to make on the modern flute, because the modern flute is much much easier to play in tune.

Another thing to notice is about finger height. On a keyless flute it is necessary to raise your fingers out of the way, and not hover over the holes, or it flattens the pitch. On modern flute, this pulling the fingers high and away is not necessary, but it's interesting to see that the "high fingers" habit actually works, and that comes from the baroque flute. (High fingers on modern flute can mean blips and slowed down finger switches).

Claudio Barile's relaxed and artistic approach to embouchure flexibility on such a challenging instrument is very valuable to watch.

Enjoy, and comments welcome. I love this flutist's soulful artistry. It's well worth hearing.