Saturday, April 26, 2008

Free Mozart & Scarlatti flute duet sheetmusic

Dear Flutey dudes,

Here is a link to free flute sheetmusic. Great for weddings, garden parties, and flute lesson sightreading. I'm sure that flute students would also love to play these transcribed sonatas for flute duet.

Mozart & Scarlatti Duets

Also, here's the link to all the free flute duets in pdf at Petrucci music library.
And here are all the links to the free pdf music for DUETS for flute grade 3-5.

Best,and happy duets to you! :>)
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Blogger CharlieT said...

Hi Jen. Thank you, your website has made flute playing a lot of fun for me, a 60 year old beginner..
Add "Evenings with the Orchestra" by Hector Berlioz to your book list. I was laughing out loud. It's a scream. He is a flute player in the orchestra and during boring operas they tell stories. Its old, but very funny. Charlie

Monday, June 16, 2008 3:35:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

Thanks Charlie. I shall put it on my summer reading list. Love books like that. In fact, it was after reading such a book that I wrote the following poem; very similar. hahahaa!
Pitt: The Opera Picc

Morphed from T.S. Eliot
By Jen Cluff

Pitt is the picc from the Opera pit
His name, as I ought to have told you before
Is really Philosopho'. Though it's a mortal-blow
To pronounce in the dark (with much spit.)

His coat's very shabby, he's thin as a rake
And he suffers vibrato that makes his chin quake
Yet he was, in his youth, quite the cleverest flute -
But no longer, as alas, his flute has gone mute.

No, he isn't the player he was once in his prime;
Though his name was quite famous, he says, in his time.
And whenever he joins his friends in their bands
(Which take place in basements with way too few stands)
He loves to regale them, while someone else plays,
With anecdotes drawn from his orchestra days.

For he once was a star of the highest degree -
He has played under Crumhorns and at Furtwangler's knee
And he likes to relate his success in the Halls
Where the meanest of critics gave him five curtain calls.
But his grandest of memories, he loves so to tell
Was the day he emerged from Opera Pitt Hell.

`I have played', so he says, `every possible part,
And I used to know seven Concerti by heart.
I'd extemporize back-chat, I knew how to snort,
And I know how to balance the flute on a wart.
I knew how to flaunt every trill end and tail;
With an hour of rehearsal, I never could fail!

'I'd a tone that would soften the hardest of hearts,
Whether I played melody or the meatier parts.
I cadenza'd when needed when conductors were dead;
When the curtain was stuck, I once stood on my head.
On the softest of low notes I never played flat
And I once did flute yoga in the back on a mat.
But my grandest creation, as history will tell,
Was the day I emerged from Opera Pitt Hell.'

Then, if someone will give him a crown full of gin,
He will tell how he high-C'd the head of a pin.
At a Wagner performance he once SANG on-stage,
When the director had fired the tenor in rage .
He once played a nose-flute - could do it again -
When a score called for war-cries and 'jungles of rain'.

And he thinks that he still can, much better than most,
Produce blood-curdling noises to bring on the Ghost.

Plus he once crossed the stage on a telegraph wire,
To rescue a child when the pit was on fire.

And he says: `Now, these flutists, they're young,
and they do not get trained
As we did in the days when Victoria reigned!

'They never get grilled in a regular orch,
And they think they are smart, just to sit there and hork.'
And he'll say, as he scratches himself with his picc,
`Well, the Opera today---it just makes one SICK!
These Modern Productions are all very well,
But there's nothing to equal, from what I can tell,

That moment of mystery

When I made history(!)

On the day I emerged from Opera Pitt Hell.

Jen Cluff :>D

Monday, June 16, 2008 7:06:00 PM


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