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Flute Concerti with orchestra, parts, score, piano all-in-one

Dear Flutists,
The advantage of having good flutist-arrangers alive at the same time as we all are, is that every now and then they come up with a brilliant, super, simple idea, such as publishing flute concerti with full orchestral parts, score PLUS a printed piano reduction, all in one volume.

Huge thanks to Vieri Bottrazzini for this great sheet music!
Best, and see below, Jen

Vieri writes:
Dear Friends,
Last year, after the release of my first batch of scores published by the italian editor Carisch (Paganini Caprices, Vivaldi 4 Seasons for solo flute & flute orchestra, the first volume of Virtuoso), I started to think about what to do next besides the planned Vol. II & III of Virtuoso.

Carisch wanted me to cover the standard repertoire for flute & orchestra and flute & piano first, and - while of course a fantastic opportunity - I was wondering what I could do to make these new editions interesting to own, play and basically worth buying against all that is offered out there already.

I then considered that today someone wanting to perform, say, one of the Mozart concertos has to buy a flute & piano reduction of it, to get the flute part & to be able to practice it with a pianist; then one has to find & buy the score; and then again, to perform it with an orchestra, rent or buy the orchestral parts as well. So I thought, why don't I create a new edition where all these elements could be found together? Carisch immediately liked this idea, and so I started working on a new series of edition composed by:

- a printed book containing the piano reduction followed by the complete orchestral score;
- a solo flute part;
- a CD, containing all the orchestral parts in pdf format ready to be printed.

This is something that, to my knowledge, has never been seen yet: I thought it will be great to just have to buy one score and find in it piano reduction, orchestral score, orchestral parts; one can practice the solo part, rehearse it with a pianist for lessons and so on, study the score to get acquainted with all the orchestra parts and such, and eventually finally perform the piece with a real orchestra, all out of the same score! Well, I am very excited about the possibilities of it, and I am very much looking forward to all your comments on this.

The first batch of this series is now out and available, and includes:

- W.A. Mozart, Concerto in G K313;
- W.A. Mozart, Concerto in D K314;
- W.A. Mozart, Andante in C K315;

- A. Vivaldi, Concertos Op. X vol. I (nr. 1-3);
- A. Vivaldi, Concertos Op. X vol. II (nr. 4-6);

- F. Devienne, Concerto nr. 7 in E minor.

Ready but not available yet (I am told it's coming soon, though) are:

- Mozart, Concerto for flute, harp & orchestra K299;
- Mozart, Quartets for flute & strings
(piano reduction & string parts)
Plus of course, still edited by myself and already printed:
- Virtuoso, vol. I & II (vol. III is going to be released very soon)
- Paganini, Caprices;
-Vivaldi, 4 Seasons (solo flute & flute orchestra).

All the scores should be available from your favorite dealer, or from

Ok, this is about it for now... Looking forward to hearing from you on this! All the best,


Vieri Bottazzini, flutist
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Blogger Will John said...

Hi Jennifer, just read your website article about preventing throat noises when playing by practising singing and playing. Very helpful, just a minute of this and my throat felt more relaxed and my tone improved, will definitely add that to my practice sessions. Wish someone had told me about this years ago! Thanks

Saturday, June 09, 2012 12:16:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

Dear Will,
Glad to help.

Saturday, June 09, 2012 12:45:00 PM


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