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Spanish Music for Flute, Harp & Strings

Question: I'm searching for Spanish chamber music for a combination of harp, flute and strings. Any suggestions? Something similar to Piece en forme de Habanera by Ravel would be great. Thanks.

Jen's research:
Overview of Spanish Composers
Spanish Composers Public Domain (free) sheetmusic in pdf

Possible Spanish flute-harp-strings works found:

Manuel Moreno Buendía
Suite popular española (flute, harp, viola)

14- I Divertimento (1:33)
15 - II Fantasy /Fantasía (2:09)
16 - III Dance / Danza (2:20)
17 - IV Nocturne / Nocturno (1:56)
18 - V Rondo / Rondó (2:33)

Listen to this work on youtube (Brazil).
Buy the sheetmusic for Moreno Buendia (12 Euro)


Prelude, marine et chansons by Joseph Guy Ropartz for flute, violin, viola and cello

Sheetmusic for this work.

European PD free sheetmusic

Flute and harp:
Granados: Andaluza

Sheetmusic for this work.
3 Spanish Watercolours, Composer: Maj Sonstevold
Listen to this work online here.

3 Spanske akvareller (Spanish Water Colours)
I. Gualdal Quivir
II. Guadiana
III. Tajo

Available from:
Music Information Centre Norway
P.O. Box 2674 Solli
Tel: +47 2327 6300
Fax: +47 2327 6301

Jacques Ibert: Entracte for flute and harp

Sheetmusic for this work

Flute and strings

Composer : CALIENDO
Title : Sincerita
Publisher : Caliendo World Music Publishing Inc
Grade : 2+
Sheetmusic for this work.
The passionate influence of the Flamenco school combines with American classical
jazz in a rhythmically complex and dynamic composition.


Moszkowski Five Spanish Dances
(not my personal fave says Jen)
Sheetmusic for this work.

Piazzolla - Oblivion for flute, cello and piano
Sheetmusic for this South American/American work.

Spanish composers: transcription possibilities

Granados (free sheetmusic) mostly piano works:,_Enrique

Arriaga (free sheetmusic) String quartet:,_Juan_Cris%C3%B3stomo_de)

Breton (free sheetmusic) String quartet & piano trio:,_Tom%C3%A1s),_Tom%C3%A1s)

Sound samples of Thomas Breton's string quartet.

De Falla: (free sheetmusic):,_Manuel_de

Good luck with your search.
This is a groovy sounding chamber combination, and I'm looking forward to finding other similar works myself for flute, cello and piano for my own concerts next season.
So comments with more pieces of Spanish music very welcome!
Best, Jen
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know how can I get the sheet music of Manuel Moreno Buendía - Suite popular española (flute, harp, viola)? I listened to it and find it nice, I search on the web but cannot find even the information of the composer

Saturday, June 09, 2012 3:35:00 AM

Blogger jen said...

Dear Anon,
Well this took me almost 2 hrs of google hunting (!)
Then I emailed the company that sells Buendia's sheetmusic in Madrid, and here are the direct links below:
Manuel Moreno Buendía - Suite popular española
Flute-Viola-Harp Trio
Price: 12,15 EUROS + shipping

Madrid - Spanish Contemporary Music Publishing 1985

Editorial de Música Española Contemporánea (EMEC)

SEEM, S. A. (Sociedad Española de Ediciones Musicales, S. A.)

Publishing company established in 1984 by the members of Ediciones Quiroga, aimed to publish and promote works of both light music and symphonic music, the latter being grouped under its EMEC (Editorial de Música Española Contemporánea, Publisher of Spanish Contemporary Music) catalogue, which includes works of leading Spanish contemporary music composers, incorporated in its catalogue since 1970.

Its offices are located at Alcalá no. 70 in Madrid. Address:
Alcalá 70
28009 Madrid - España
Tel. ++34 (0) 9-15 77-07 51/52
Fax. ++34 (0) 9-15 75-76 45

Sales Department

Angeles Rifón Arranz
I found the information from World Cat Library online which has two copies of the scores/parts for this work (one in the Netherlands).

The composer's info. is briefly given on about the 6th page of google hits.
He was born in 1932, and is likely still alive, and still has his music published in Madrid.
Much of the available info. is in Spanish so using that language enables more google hits, but, as you say, not easy to locate.

I find that the catalogue online for Seemsa doesn't clearly state this work as in their files.
And yet they wrote back to say yes, it's ready for shipping.

Best, Jen

Friday, June 15, 2012 8:51:00 AM


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