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2 - Marcel Moyse - Pearls from the Master

Dear Flutists,

This is the second part of the Marcel Moyse exeperience, as told by Jerrold Pritchard. Here is Jerry talking about the summer in Brattleboro Vermont, with the Maestro himself. This is just fascinating!

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 you can listen at this link, or download the mp3 soundfile of our conversation.

And in words and examples, here are the fabulous Masterclass notes from Moyse's masterclasses on the Twenty-Four-Petite!

Printable PDF Moyse Masterclass notes on his 24 Little Melodic Etudes!

Mr. Pritchard's fabulous note-taking from the same 1977 Moyse Masterclass include all kinds of great quotes about tone, technique and flute playing expertise which will be upcoming in the next blog post. So look forward to that too.

However today's Moyse Masterclass notes are about the Twenty-four Little Melodic Studies with Variations , which, as you'll hear from the above interview, were a main focus of the summer classes for all flutists attending.

If you're not familiar with the above book, Moyse presents a simple two to three line melody that requires the flutist of every level to gradually improve their musicanship and technical expertise.

From Jerrold Pritchard's notes from the 1977 here are points that Moyse made on this very book. Download the class notes in pdf here. I've added some short musical samples in the pdf, to make it useful to survey.

Here is a jpeg sample of what you'll find in the downloadable pdf (click to make bigger):

Jen adds: In my opinion the "24 Petite" is a fundamental book for all flutists, and being able to see the films of Moyse teaching these Twenty-four Little Melodic Studies on video is simply fabulous when you're getting to know how Moyse taught the flute.

Highly recommended you see the videos of Moyse teaching at Brattleboro. (Click on VIDEOS on left side bar to view DVD purchase information.) You can also inquire at university libraries as to whether there are copies for Interlibrary Loan.

The book itself is published by Alphonse Leduc, and is widely available through all sheetmusic stores. Here is a link to this book at Fluteworld.

Please do treat yourself to these great notes when you are working in this book.

More to come.....

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Comments from other Moyse students very very welcome.
Stories too!

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