Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Think summer..think Denk & Robison

Dear Flute-lovers,

Two of my favourite thing: Paula Robison playing live, because she's so very interesting (!) and one of my favourite pianists, whom I discovered through his hilarious and edifying backstage-reality and "practicing thoughts" blog, Jeremy Denk.

Enjoy flute-dudes!
This is real summer time listening.

Improvisation by Richard Strauss
Jeremy Denk, piano; Paula Robison, flute.

Tambourin Chinois by Fritz Kreisler
Paula Robison, piccolo; Jeremy Denk, piano.

Also, thanks to my pal JP, who sent these links (thanks thanks!) there's an interesting Mozart G Major Concerto.

Mozart G major
Paula Robison, flute.

I'm enjoying the opportunity to read lots of books this summer, and to edit some books, and create some new flute arrangements plus work on my own book.
Sorry for the big delays for all who are waiting.
I'm also practicing, studying perfect pitch, and getting repertoire ready for fall.

How about you?

Comments welcome.

Fellow Denk lovers unite!
ha ha.

Oh, hand me a fruit smoothy, and I'll be quiet now.

ha. :>D
Best, Jen

P.S. The Denk post that started the fannage.

Denk blog interview video.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great videos! What fantastic finds, as usual. Paula Robison is so wonderful. I also enjoyed watching the masterclass video, too. I wish it had kept going, though! Also? After reading his blog a little and the review, I could easily be considered a Denk fangirl now, even had I never heard him play. ;^)

Moving this Summer has set me out to lunch in so many arenas, but thanks to the suggestion of one of the cantors, I had the joy of being able to play some lovely pieces at Mass this Summer. Usually, I accompany the choir and piano, but during the choir's break for the season and latching onto the cantor's suggestion, the music director and I were able to play some different works and nonstandard hymns--and I even got to play a duet with my son, who was on piano. (Certainly a highlight, that. :^))

It was so different to take the lead for a change, after so long in the background, I actually got the shakes at first! ;^)

Thursday, August 25, 2011 6:57:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

*I* even get the shakes, especially after a concert hiatus, when I haven't played in public for several months. So no worries there. Tres normale! So glad you enjoyed the video and are a Denk-girl. Such a thrill to "meet" people through their blog-thoughts.
Thanks for your update! Flute on!
(what am I, some kind of hippy-birkinstock re-tread? Flute-ON?! It must still be summertime!)
Best, Jen

Thursday, August 25, 2011 7:29:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! Perhaps it still is, but it makes me smile. :^)

Ah, the shakes. Dastardly universal (though I'd never wish it on anyone, it's nice to know I'm not alone, eh?), but the intensity of those tremors during the first solo kind of hit me unawares. I stand up there week after week, and often am abandoned during communion. No problem. I play through and more expressively to make up for the hole they leave behind. But then, without the cushioning promise of other voices (I'm guessing), the nerves set in. It nearly threw me right off the page at first!

Thankfully, no one there knew the piece (A lovely French hymn we had dressed up for the occasion), so they hardly understood that some of my "creative interpretation" was in fact a series of desperate flub cover-ups. LOL! They'd be hard pressed to tell me I can't have fun at this. ;^)

Friday, August 26, 2011 9:51:00 AM

Blogger jen said...

Dear Delaire,
ah, you've discovered the genius game of "have fun with your flubs".
Life is short.
We MUST have fun with our flubs!
Thanks for sharing. So sweet!
Best, Jen

Friday, August 26, 2011 10:11:00 AM


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