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Rampal's Japanese Melodies sheetmusic

Dear Flute Lovers,

A Flutist was asking about how to buy the printed music for Rampal's Album, Japanese Melodies for Flute and Harp, which, as I've found in the past, is really difficult to locate online as sheetmusic for sale.
Specifically they wanted to perform for flute and harp, the two pieces entitled Sakura (folksong-anon.) and Haro No Umi (The Sea in Springtime) by Miyagi. For that sheetmusic, in all its instrumentations, see below for flute and harp specifically.

Update: 2018

People are now having great difficulty ordering this 'Rampal Japanese Melodies' book outside of Japan. If you know someone who lives in Japan, have them mail one to you. If you don't know anyone who travels or lives in Japan, then try used book stores such as: Abe Books in the U.S. or Powell Used Books.
Fluteworld in Michigan is also having trouble obtaining it.
Flute and Piano
A popular question online has turned out to be how to buy the flute and piano version of Haro No Umi by Miyagi. Here's that info first:

The two in-print sources for Haro No Umi for flute and piano are:

James Galway's Showpieces (for flute and piano). Publisher: Novello
Approx. $26 US
This sheetmusic book includes the following works:
Moto Perpetuo (Paganini)
Waltz (Godard)
Minute Waltz In D Flat Op. 64 No.1 [Chopin, Frederic]
Dance Of The Blessed Spirits (Orfeo Ed Euridice) [Gluck, Christoph Willibald]
The Flight Of The Bumble Bee [Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay]
Haru No Umi-the Sea In Spring (Michio Miyagi)
Minuet And Badinerie (J.S.Bach)
Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise (Doppler)
Serenade (Drigo)
Adagio And Variation (Saint-Saens)
Flute and Guitar
The flute and guitar sheetmusic that I use personally, which is a $10 purchase:

Haru No Umi for Flute and Guitar.
Transcribed by Janet Ketchum and Peter Segal. 1985

Publisher: Guitar Solo Publications

Both are relatively similar to the Rampal sheetmusic and CD.
For Flute and Harp
The Jean Pierre Rampal CD "Japanese Melodies" sheetmusic source is the book of sheetmusic that goes by the same name.
Here is the information on the sheetmusic which is slightly difficult to obtain:

J.-P.Rampal Flute Favorites / Japanese Melodies transcription by Akio Yashiro
Book No. 609012


Haru no Umi
Lullaby from the Chugoku Area
Red Dragonfly
Chin-Chin Chidori
Nambu Cow-herding Song
Setting Sail
This Path
Bridal Doll
Moon over the Ruined Castle
Rain Falls on Jogashima

From the foreword: "The twelve pieces compiled in this album were arranged by Akio Yashiro for Jean-Pierre Rampal and Lily Laskine at the request of Nippon Record Co. .... In publishing these scores, we asked Mr. Josef Molnar to write instructions for piano accompaniment adapting some harp passages to be available for the piano and annexed them to the end of this album. September 1, 1985 Ongaku No Tomo Sha Corp."

To order:
The above title can be found in the library system at World Cat Library as score/sheetmusic.

You can use your own public library's "Interlibrary Loan" program to order the sheetmusic book to your own town library. Just ask at the desk (there are two copies of the book in the system; one in Iowa, one in California).

Also, it's possible that Fluteworld can order new copies of this book (ask for Volume 2, specifically, Book No. 609012) directly from the publisher in Japan. Fluteworld has previously carried this title, carries several other books from Ongaku No Tomo, and will likely be able help you by phone or email.

I just wrote to the Japanese publisher: ONGAKU NO TOMO SHA CORP by
email, and they quickly replied:
Yes: We have in stock the following item;
Jean Pierre Rampal : Flute Favorites - Japanese Melodies
Item number : 609012 , price : 3,200 Japanese Yen

- cost of postage : about 2,000 Japanese Yen
- delivery time : about 3 weeks
- bank charge : 3,500 Japanese Yen (Cannot use Credit Card, PayPal)

If you order we send PROFOMA INVOICE.
Upon receipt of your payment, we will ship the order immediately.

Currency conversion is 4000 yen = $50 U.S.

Sounds like it's alot easier to get ahold of this sheetmusic if you have a friend who lives in Japan and can order it for you, and send it on.

So, given that complication, I then proceeded, as is my tiny wont, to hunt all over the internet to locate equivalent arrangements of Haro No Umi and Sakura in sheetmusic sources that everyone who wants to recreate the Rampal album will want to know about.

Here's the album in mp3 or CD:

Rampal's Japanese Melodies for Flute, Lily Laskin Harp CD; Album samples.

And here's what else I found:

Haro no umi
Listen: As played by Jean Pierre Rampal: youtube.

Obtain the equivalent Sheetmusic for Flute:
Closest possible transcription:

Flute and Harp Arrangement (recommended by harpists):

Phantasy of Themes of Japanese FolkSongs.
There are two full-length pieces in this collection.
Second piece is Haru no Umi.

Purchase at Lyra Music in Florida:

Phantasy on Themes of Japanese Folk Songs for Flute and Harp, composed by Josef Molnar; amd Haru no Umi for a treble instrument and harp, by Michio Miyagi and arranged by Josef Molnar.
This latter is 10 pages long, 124 measures, and aside from two measures using Cb and Gb in glissandos, and a few F# or Fb places, easily altered for large lever harp playing, it has an Em pentatonic flavor...beautiful.
Flute and Guitar:

Miyagi, Michio. Composer.
Haru No Umi for Flute and Guitar.
Transcribed by Janet Ketchum and Peter
Segal. 1985

Purchase at: Guitar Solo Publications,
San Francisco, 230 Townsend St
Guitar Solo Publications:
Phone: (415) 896-1144

Note: I own the above version and it is almost identical to the Rampal version.
Harpist may well find they can read directly from the guitar part.
Highly recommended arrangement. Jen

Flute and Piano arrangement - Haru no Umi:
James Galway version: from "Showpieces" book. You can hear this version on youtube if you look for Haro No Umi for flute and piano.
And finally: there's a violin transcription.


Haru No Umi (Spring Sea) by Michio Miyagi was originally written for flute and koto. My violinist duo partner, R. Erickson has made a nice arrangement for harp and violin. If you are interested you can contact him at violin1@operam....

And now to the second folksong:

Listen to Jean Pierre Rampal Version: youtube.
Sheetmusic possibilities:

Solo Guitar: Variations on Sakura
Listen: youtube.

Buy sheetmusic at Boosey.

Many more versions of Sakura exist for Guitar(s) or Guitar and Flute:

See: And search for "Sakura" without quotes.

Example of flute-guitar version that might work on harp also:

Item no: ZM2546
Title: SAKURA - Suite [score]
Price: $10.00
Arranged for : Guitar and Flute

And finally, there are lots of versions for Harp that the flutist could rearrange a simple flute part from.

See sheetmusic from harp sheetmusic listings:

Harp Music - Sakura:
Collections for novice to intermediate harp that contain "Sakura":

Collection 1

Collection 2

Collection 3

All the above harp sheetmusic books contain "Sakura".

Best of luck finding the sheetmusic, and let us know whether you could find the version that matches the Rampal recorded versions for flute and harp.

Best, Jen
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Blogger Rebecca said...

Jennifer, I was excited to see that you were looking into sheet music for this CD. I own the book you listed (purchased used for much less than $50). Unfortunately, my song of choice is Moon Over the Ruined Castle. While this is in the book, it is not the same version as the CD. I am resigning myself to the need to figure it out by ear.

You seem to have some search techniques I have not mastered. I wonder if you have any tips or suggested places to look. Thank you for all the work you've done! I find myself returning to your site frequently.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 7:23:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

Thanks so much Rebecca, for your comment. It seems there are two Rebeccas, and I'm just realizing that now. Sorry for any confusion.

My search methods are the same as anybody's, except I go deeper and deeper into the clues, like Poirot of Agatha Christy fame. I just keep googling each clue I find until I finally arrive at a publisher. Then I use their search box to find the piece listed on their in-house online catalogue; many of which somehow don't get spidered by google. So once you know the publisher, then you find them, then you search their website.
It's all very mysterious and the "little grey cells" get quite the workout.
Best, Jen

Thursday, July 19, 2012 8:17:00 AM

Blogger Terri said...

Thanks, Jen, for your detective work! I've got the two pieces from the Rampal book. Wondering if I should buy the Phantasy book to compare the two Haru no Umi. Do you know if that is the one Rampal is playing on the CD?
I haven't had time to compare the Rampal book version against the CD. They are all beautiful!

Thursday, July 19, 2012 11:10:00 PM

Blogger Jean-Pierre said...

Good morning. Firstly, sorry for my English. I read English easily, but I do not have the opportunity to speak. And thank you for all your advice. The sheet music is available on here:
It's easier, because the site has an English interface. Warning transport is quite expensive. Greetings from Belgium.

Friday, July 20, 2012 7:36:00 AM

Blogger jen said...

Hi Terri, Unbelievably, I don't own the Rampal CD, so I'm not sure what matches up with what.
And I haven't ordered the harp version at all.

Dear Belgium helper, thanks for the direct link. Very useful.
Best, Jen

Friday, July 20, 2012 8:14:00 AM

Anonymous Rachel Emerson said...

If it's any help... we're UK-based and have several copies of the 'Japanese Melodies' book for flute & harp in stock and we despatch worldwide.
Rachel Emerson
(June Emerson Wind Music)

Friday, February 13, 2015 1:25:00 AM

Blogger jen said...

Thankyou June. Jen :>)
UPDATE: 2015 copies in UK

Friday, February 13, 2015 8:57:00 AM

Blogger Mid east said...

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Thursday, April 25, 2019 11:58:00 PM


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