Monday, July 13, 2015

Underwood - Flute Fundamentals (for doublers esp.)

Dear Flute-lovers,

A fantastically interesting video for your summer viewing interest:
Keith Underwood—Flute Fundamentals
(especially of interest for flute doublers)

The brilliant Keith Underwood explains an incredible amount of detailed infomation about forming the flute embouchure. Such great information; lots to try. Lots of the tips work immediately.  (Video)

Thanks to the interviewer. See at host's website - read bio.

Also of interest: Keith refers to a number of Julius Baker videos on youtube:

Here is one mentioned.

Shost 5 - Baker - Bernstein

If any of the avid super-flute-nerds (like me) have time to find more links to more Baker videos where one can see the Baker lips in action, please put the links in the comments. That would so excellent to put them all here. Thanks if you can help!

I am also a super huge fan of all the Keith Underwood Masterclasses that I've viewed online.
Advanced flutists will find them endlessly interesting:
Underwood masterclasses 
(you can pay to watch online all previous ones).

previous blog post on Underwood has even more "how-to" videos where Keith specifically demonstrates each of his concepts.


What I've been up to lately:
Thanks for all the kind emails I've received about my blog being quiet, while, secretly, unbeknownst to any silent readers.......
 my house is full of flute noise day and night,
because I'm working on my book full-time over the spring and summer.

Going great. Thanks for not emailing too often. :>)
 I really appreciate the time to do good work.
Super fun being had hopefully by all! :>D
Happy days.